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Anteroom / Isolation

Anteroom & Isolation Room Dust Barriers

In every hospital, it's important to have an isolated area that you know will have clean air. At Spycor Environmental, we carry an assortment of versatile anteroom dust containment products for your healthcare facility. A hospital anteroom is usually used for emergency patient isolation if they have a serious infectious disease. But you can also use them for maintenance and construction projects to ensure that both patients and hospital employees aren't exposed to contaminants. We'll help you find the right anteroom dust barrier system that is a smart investment for all.



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Portable Air Cleaners

Make any room into an isolation room with a portable air purification system for healthcare use. These systems can be moved to whatever contained space is currently being used as an anteroom or permanently installed in a patient isolation chamber. Spycor Environmental has several sizes of air cleaners that can purify hundreds or even thousands of square feet. These efficient dust containment machines can supply positive or negative air pressure and have minimal operating costs to help you save without being less safe.

Anteroom Containment Units

Create your own anteroom anywhere with our temporary dust containment units. We carry both hard-sided dust barriers and dust containment envelopes that can be moved to the latest construction site or set up as a rapid-response isolation room. Find everything from small single-person portable anterooms to mass isolation containment frames for every situation. There are also specialty systems such as corridor flanges, adjustable panel airlocks and anteroom passageways with built-in air machine adapters. Useful for COVID-19 and coronavirus containment

Easy-to-Use Clean Air Systems

Our anteroom dust barriers come from Mintie Technologies, HepaCart, Omnitec and other leading brands that are known for high-quality systems. You can also find replacement dust envelopes and other accessories to keep your anteroom working at its best. Select a system below to learn more about how it can provide a clean working or patient space when circumstances demand it.