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Hoses, Connectors, & Flanges

Air Duct Cleaner Hoses & Connectors

Cleaning air ducts on a regular basis is necessary to prevent dust and pathogen build-up in an HVAC system. In order for your ducting cleaning machine to work its best, you will need good exhaust hose and connectors. This specialized ducting will ensure that the loose particulates being drawn out of the vents will go directly into a collection container instead of spraying out into the air. Spycor Environmental has an assortment of air duct connectors for sale to make sure you're removing debris instead of just moving it around.



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Flex Duct for Exhausting

Ductwork and vents come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. As such, we carry plenty of air cleaner hoses to make sure you can find something that fits. Choose between heavy-duty PVC flex duct made for electric air duct cleaning systems or Mylar hoses that are geared towards gas-powered systems. We also have Vaculite hose that is exclusively for NIKRO insulation vacuums. These 25-foot hoses come in several widths such as 10-inch diameter flexible hose and 12-inch flex hose for a secure fit.

Connectors, Flanges & Adapters

An airtight connection will ensure there are no cracks for dust and dirt to escape. NIKRO vent hose connectors and quick connect hose clamps can be used to put two hoses together for a complex project. Plastic suction hose connectors don't even need a clamp - turning the vacuum on helps hold them together. Duct mounting flanges and adapters will give hoses a solid connection to the vent cleaning system or the actual vent. We also have duct Y-adapters for scrubbing two ducts at once and hose reducers for connecting different diameter hoses.

Secure Air Duct Cleaning Accessories

Get dust from the vent to the filters with any misadventures along the way by using the best air duct hoses and connectors. Spycor Environmental experts are here by phone and email to assist you with your search so you get the right accessories for your HVAC system and equipment.