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Air-Flow Calculator

Air-Flow Calculator for Negative Air Machines

A negative air machine is an essential device for contained spaces such as construction sites, hospitals, testing labs and clean rooms where clean air is a necessity. But how do you know which model you should get for your space? After all, a machine that's too small won't adequately remove the dust, toxins and odors that might build up. But too large a machine will waste money on operating costs. Spycor Environmental wants you to get the best machine for your needs, and our negative air machine air-flow calculator will help you find it by matching a machine to your unique situation.

Air Flow Calculator

Air Flow Calculator Instructions:

Using the size of your containment and required air changes per hour (ACH) , our air flow calculator is designed to assist you in choosing the best OmniAire machine for your application.

  1. Choose which units of measurement are relevant; SAE or Metric , and then enter the sizes of the containment in the calculator. Click the CALCULATE button and the bottom of the calculator will show you the results of your input.
  2. After calculating, compare the results with the reference list of OmniAire models below. It will help to choose the perfect size for your needs. If you have any questions or would like any advice, please feel free to contact us . Follow this link for more reference material from OSHA concerning air changes per hour.


SAE Air Flow Calculator

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Containment Length: Feet
Containment Width: Feet
Containment Height: Feet
Air Changes Required: Per Hour


Containment Total Volume: Cubic Feet
Complete Air Change Every: Minutes
Volume Required per Hour: Cubic Feet
CFM Requirement: CFM


OmniAire Model Reference List:

Negative Air/Air Scrubbing Machines (Abatement & Restoration)

OA600N (rotomolded)200 – 600
OA600 Series (metal)150 – 550
OA1000 Series (metal)300 – 1,000
OA2000 Series (metal)400 – 1,900
OA2200 Series (metal)1,000 – 2,000

Portable Air Cleaners (Healthcare Infection Control)

OA1200PAC200 – 1,100
OA1600PAC200 – 1,600

Commercial Air Purifiers (Indoor Air Quality)

OCA500/510150 – 450
OCA1200/1210600 – 1,200
OCA1500/1510800 – 1,500
Spycor Environmental is committed to doing more than just providing the best air purifying products. We want to make sure you get the ones that are right for your situation. Our air-flow calculator will help you find an affordable negative air machine that isn't too big or too small. We've even included a table below with the CFM range of all our Omnitec Design machines so you know what to look for. But our staff can assist with finding machines from Mintie Technologies, NIKRO, Abatement Technologies and other leading brands. Just call or email us today!