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Enter the sizes of the containment in the calculator. Click the CALCULATE button and the bottom of the calculator will show you the results of your input.

 Data Entry
Containment Length Feet
Containment Width Feet
Containment Height Feet
Air Changes Required Per Hour
Containment Total Volume Cubic Feet
Complete Air Change Every Minutes
Volume Required per Hour Cubic Feet
CFM Requirement CFM

CFM range of Omnitec Design negative air machines

Model Number CFM
Miniforce 350 or 425
OA600V 150-600
OA800V 150-650
OA800PAC 100-650
OA1000V 300-950
OA1200V 150-1100
OA1200PAC 100-1100
OA1300V 300-1250
OA2000V 300-1900
OA2200 1000 or 2000