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Optional Items

Air Duct System Extras & Accessories

Are you looking to take your duct cleaning to the next level? Customize your equipment with our optional items for air duct cleaning systems and negative air machines. As the name suggests, these products aren't essential for getting dust and debris out of ductwork. But once you've used our NIKRO air duct cleaning accessories, you won't be able to imagine how you got along without them!



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Add-On Air Machine Supplies

Improve the performance of your vent cleaning and filtration equipment with the right supplies. Maybe you need some extra Mylar hose for connecting vents and cleaning systems. Perhaps you want lay-flat exhaust hose that people can walk over more easily while they work. We can get you those items and much more. Products such as pressure differential gauges and monitoring systems provide information about whether a setup actually works. Need extra ventilation? Get a window exhaust flange that turns the window into a vent for exhaust to escape.

Air Duct Cleaner Protection & Transport

You also need to take care of the equipment that is the lifeblood of your business. Products such as primary separator cabinets and van ramps save you money and time from the moment you receive them. A separator cabinet will pay for itself the first time it stops a heavy object from hitting your system's fan wheel and causing hundreds of dollars in damage. Transportation needs to be easy as well, which is why air cleaner vehicle ramps and tie-downs should be in your van. They'll speed up the loading and unloading process without dinging things up as you drive.

Little Things That Save Big Headaches

The right accessories can be the difference between having a wildly successful vent cleaning business and just getting by. Shop online 24/7 with Spycor Environmental when you need the best high-value duct cleaning add-ons. If you're looking for something you don't see here, give us a call and we'll help you track it down.