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Dust Containment Systems & Materials

Nobody like a dusty job site - but sometimes you need something more than a fan and an open door to clear the air. Our industrial dust containment products are designed for a variety of projects to make sure you meet all local and federal environmental requirements. Whether you're kicking up a lot of dust on the job or the air just needs to be as pure as possible, Spycor Environmental can help. We have dust containment systems from Mintie Technologies, ZipWall, HepaCart and other top manufacturers that will help everyone breathe easier.

  • Dust Door Barriers

    Dust Barriers for Doorways

    When you're trying to contain dust and toxins within a single room, the door is usually the weak spot. Even the most snugly-built doors have cracks that particles can slip through. Our dust door barriers will help contain dust within your workspace or act as a protective layer for isolation rooms to stop particles from getting in. Spycor Environmental offers a number of dust barrier systems from leading manufacturers to seal off your containment area.

  • Anteroom / Isolation

    Anteroom & Isolation Room Dust Barriers

    In every hospital, it's important to have an isolated area that you know will have clean air. At Spycor Environmental, we carry an assortment of versatile anteroom dust containment products for your healthcare facility. A hospital anteroom is usually used for emergency patient isolation if they have a serious infectious disease. But you can also use them for maintenance and construction projects to ensure that both patients and hospital employees aren't exposed to contaminants. We'll help you find the right anteroom dust barrier system that is a smart investment for all.
  • Mobile Dust Containment Systems

    Mobile Dust Containment Systems

    If your work is constantly on the move, your work area needs to be able to move with you. Portable dust containment systems will trap dust and debris from all your work activities on construction sites or in hospitals. These mobile enclosures will minimize exposure to office workers, patients and others who can't just be moved out while you're doing renovations or maintenance. And they can go everywhere from lobbies to above the ceiling as needed!
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Dust Enclosures for Construction

If you're constructing a new building, remodeling a kitchen or working with asbestos, there'll be a lot of dust left over. Our team has selected an assortment of dust containment units for construction workers and general contractors so this doesn't affect surrounding areas. We offer dust barrier doors with either magnetic or zippered closing methods. You'll find flame-retardant poly sheeting to hang in front of walls and panels along with poles and hangers to hold them up. Our mobile dust containment systems are perfect for contractors who are always moving from site to site. Vent shields and self-adhesive tape are other ways to easily contain dust that are also easy to remove.

Health Care Dust Barriers

Many hospital locations such as surgery rooms, anterooms and isolation chambers absolutely must be dust-free. Our ICRA dust containment packages meet all federal requirements and also include a negative air machine to circulate pure air. Anteroom containment systems and air purifiers are a must for when you need to quarantine patients. If you only have a temporary need, a dust containment system rental will help you save money. We take care of the maintenance, too! Select a category below to see more of what we have to offer or click on a brand page if you already know what you need to help keep the dust away.