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Portable Negative Air Units

As a builder or contractor, you're frequently moving to new job sites. But you can't just leave quality air behind at the old one. A portable negative air machine will save you time, money and hassle on your air-scrubbing needs. These mobile units come in all shapes and sizes to remove dust, dander, odors, VOCs and more from the surrounding air. We have negative air machines from Omnitec, Abatement Technologies, NIKRO and more that are easy to bring wherever work takes you.

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Mini Negative Air Machines

If you primarily work in small containment areas or ones with low amounts of dust, you don't need a massive machine for airborne particle control. Our miniature negative air scrubbers are perfect for bathroom remodeling, server closet maintenance or spring clean-up. These mini scrubbers usually have a variable speed airflow of up to 600 CFM or more and come standard with a true HEPA filter for the highest efficiency dust filtration. Many of them can also be daisy-chained and stacked on each other, giving you versatility for larger projects.

Full-Size Portable Air Scrubbers

Industrial air cleaning power no longer requires an industrial-sized scrubber. Our large portable air machines can produce peak airflow of up to 2,100 CFM depending on the models. Yet they are still easy for a single person to move around thanks to caster wheels, built-in transport dollies and other features. They also still work on a standard 120 VAC electrical system so you can use them in residential homes. With multi-stage air filtration and rugged housings, they can be used for everything from mold abatement in a hospital to allergy relief at home.

The Best Portable Air Machines

Turn negative air into a positive for your business or home by using our portable negative air machines on every project. They produce high airflow with low power usage, meaning you'll have minimal operating costs on each project. Spycor Environmental keeps up-front prices low as well so you don't have to pay through the nose for clean air.