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Dustless Tools

Dust-Free Tools

Spycor Environmental sells a lot of equipment and supplies designed to stop dust from building up in the air or on floors and walls. But the best way to keep these things clean is to not even let dust get near them in the first place. Our dustless tools contain or draw away dust, debris and particles that are produced during construction and stop them from getting into the air. This practically eliminates the need for clean-up, reducing time and expense on your projects. If you always have to buy HEPA filters and other air purifiers, consider switching to dustless equipment for better air quality that's economical in the long-term.



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Dust Suppression & Collection

Instead of gathering up excess dust after you work, do it as you work. We have tools to collect excess dust while you're sawing wood, grinding metal, breaking up concrete or vacuuming ash. Equipment such as the collapsible saw hood eliminates the billowing cloud of dust that typically seen on job sites. Instead, you can funnel the dust right into a garbage can or box for later disposal. Other tools can create a vacuum chamber to hold particulate matter and bring the associated exposure levels down to acceptable standards under OSHA. For example, the Enviroboot hood sits around a jackhammer chisel and attaches to a HEPA dry-vac to suppress the dust you kick up.

Safer Tools for Construction

Containing dust is a crucial part of both construction and demolition. With dustless tools, you can meet OSHA regulations for dust containment without needing to set up dust barriers or air purifiers. This doesn't just make your job site more efficient - it also makes it safer by giving workers cleaner air to breathe. We keep prices low on dust-suppressing tools and also have free shipping in the U.S. on select items. If you're looking for other tools beyond what you see here, call or email our customer support team 24/7 and we'll see what we can do for you.