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Surface Protection

Surface Protection Coverings

When you're working on a job site, you can't just focus on the task at hand. Failing to protect the surrounding areas can lead to dust build-up and surface damage that you then have to fix. Spycor Environmental has a full line of construction protection products to help you avoid clean-up fees, fixture repairs and other things that eat into your time and bottom line. Our surface protection systems are essential for any professional doing new construction, renovations or maintenance.



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Floor Protection Systems

Setting up a good construction site includes guarding the floor against wear and tear. Several types of temporary floor coverings are available for both residential and commercial spaces. Hard floor surface protection film and cover guards can be used on hardwood or concrete to keep them shiny underneath. If you're working above a carpeting floor, use our clear carpet protection film and applicators to prevent debris from working its way in. Flame-retardant floor guards reduce the risk of fire while tacky mats grab dust and dirt off your shoes before you enter a containment area.

Specialty Surface Cover Products

It's not just the floor that needs protecting, though. We carry an assortment of products for doors, windows, vents and other surfaces. Flame-resistant poly sheeting is perfect for hanging in front of walls and doorways - and you can use special hangers instead of tape. Protect countertops during kitchen remodeling with a self-adhesive hard surface protection film or cover the bathtub with a special TubWrap box that supports you and your tools. You'll also find threshold and trim tape to prevent grime from getting in the cracks.

Shield any Surface from Damage

Shop online seven days a week for surface covering products from Surface Protection, ZipWall, Zip-Up, Cover Guard and other leading manufacturers. These products can also be used by trade shows, furniture moving companies and auto shops to protect buildings and merchandise from damage. Call our customer support team 24/7 and they will assist you with finding the right gear at an affordable price.