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Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration for Abatement Sites

It's not just the air you have to worry about at lead and asbestos abatement site. Without a good water filtration system, your hard work will go for naught. These hazardous materials collect on the protective gear and equipment you wear to protect yourself on the job site. When you shower your gear off, asbestos can end up in the wash water - and if it ends up in the drain, then watch out. An asbestos water filtration unit from Spycor Environmental will remove waste water fibers and debris before they can escape, containing them for later disposal. You'll keep workers and the environment safe with our water filtration system for commercial and industrial abatement projects.



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Specialized Water Purification

We are proud to offer the OMNITEC OmniFlow Water Filtration System to ensure that discharge water and drain water meets EPA requirements. This compact and portable water filtering machine captures contaminants using two-stage filtration and can run dry with damaging the pump. Just connect your hoses to the aluminum housing and you're ready to go. With maximum inlet and outlet pressures of 30 and 45 PSI respectively, you can run up to 3 GPM of water through the filters without causing a back-up. The water filtration unit comes standard with 20-micron and 5-micron filters, but if your risk assessment mandates a specialty size, we can provide those as well.

Hazard-Free Job Site Water

You don't want to spend days cleaning up debris, sediment and contaminants only from them to end up back in the environment. Use our reliable water filtration machines on containment, construction and laboratory sites to remove asbestos and lead quickly. An affordable filtration system is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of yourself and everyone around you. Keep your location EPA-compliant and safe with this portable filtering solution.