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Test Instruments

Testing Instruments for Air Quality Control

Spycor Environmental is known for selling the best negative air machines, air movers, air scrubbers and other air quality machines. In order to know you're getting the most out of this equipment, you'll need the tools to verify they're working properly. Our air quality instruments make it easy to check air pressure, flow, contamination levels and more so you can be sure the air in a room is safe to breathe. We have air testing tools from companies such as Omnitec and Abatement Technologies that provide the accurate data you need.



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Room Pressure Monitors

A room pressure monitor is an instrument that measures pressure differentials in isolation rooms, operating rooms, construction zones and other containment areas. This verifies both that air is flowing and that it's flowing in the right direction. We offer full-scale air differential pressure recorders that log and time-stamp levels for later review as well as basic differential gauges for real-time negative pressure monitoring. You can also rent a room pressure monitor system for up to eight weeks that includes an alarm for if the levels are outside guidelines.

Airborne Particle Counters

Just because you can't see dust and toxin doesn't mean they're not there. A laser particle counter such as the PC501 is something every clean room worker should have. This diagnostic tool measures airborne particle counts so you know whether the air is safe to breathe. If levels are high, use the particle counter to locate the contamination source so it can be dealt with. It can also alert you to if your equipment or filters need to be replaced.

Know You're Breathing Quality Air

With air quality testing instruments from Spycor Instrumental, you'll know when spaces have clean air and when additional filtration or clean-up is needed. Use them before, during and after jobs to help guide you on the path towards clean air. We're here to help by phone and email whenever you need it!