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Air Duct Cleaning Systems

Free Air Systems for Duct Cleaning

In order to rid your ductwork of dust, debris and other particulates, you will need a strong machine to power the cleaning process. Spycor Environmental has a large selection of air duct cleaning systems from NIKRO Industries that will remove contaminants so your HVAC equipment will circulate cleaner air. Using the right vacuum cleaner unit along with the right brushes to clean your air ducts is the quickest way to scrub large commercial and industrial vents. With more than half a dozen systems in stock, there's an air duct machine for sale at a great price that will improve air quality and reduce maintenance costs.

Powerful Air Duct & Vent Cleaners

We are an authorized distributor of NIKRO electric air duct cleaners with HEPA filtration that capture airborne particles with industry-leading efficiency. The poly single-motor HEPA vacuum system is ideal for small and medium commercial ducts. If you need more cleaning power, a dual motor air duct cleaning machine can provide up to 5,000 CFM of free air flow with backward incline blowers. The multi-stage HEPA filter grabs big and small particles alike that are clogging up your vents. NIKRO also has a gas-power air duct cleaning system. This 20-HP unit is a must for when you're working on job sites with no electrical hook-ups.

Scrub Your Air Vents Fast

You'll get the best air vent cleaning system for your unique needs when you let the Spycor Environmental customer service team assist with your search. We are available 24/7 by phone or email to answer questions and offer expert advice. Once you've found the right system, head to our main air duct cleaning page and find the right brushes to clean your air ducts along with safety equipment, inspection equipment, sanitizer coatings and much more. Low prices and fast shipping get these ruggedly-built cleaning machines to your door affordably so you can get to work on your ducts.