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Brush Systems

HVAC Duct Cleaning Brushes

There's more to cleaning your ducts than just turning on an air machine and watching it work. A duct cleaning brush will knock loose dust, mold, bacteria and fungi that are sticking to the sidewalls so your vacuum or air system can scoop them up. Spycor Environmental has dozens of air duct brush packages and accessories for use on residential, commercial or industrial ductwork. Whatever size and shape duct you work on, we can help you get the right brushes for the job.



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Brush Systems & Brush Kits

An affordable HVAC duct cleaning brush kit contains multiple sizes of brushes along with the hardware you need to use them. Rotary brush systems for duct cleaning are the most common as they provide solid cleaning at an affordable price. Air duct rotary brush packages might have brush heads for cleaning flex-duct, rectangular duct, steel duct and dryer vents.

Most rotary brushes by attaching them to a drill or drive unit. However, there are also pneumatic brush systems for ducts that are powered by an air compressor. If you just need to do basic cleaning on small amounts of ductwork, you can save money with manual brush kits. We also sell individual brushes to add to your kit. Nylon brushes are soft enough to clean metal without scratching it while silica carbide duct brushes provide the aggressiveness needed for unlined ductwork.

NIKRO Air Accessories

Take care of your new brushes and get the most out of them with the right air duct cleaning accessories. We sell brush rods and handle attachments for reaching into those deep ducts. You can also get drive units for powering brushes hands-free, cordless drills for portable duct cleaning and a NIKRO carrying bag for safely hauling your brushes from site to site. Spycor Environmental provides expert brush system support with every purchase to ensure you have the correct products and they are working properly.