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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment for Cleaning Air Ducts

At Spycor Environmental, we sell a lot of products for minimizing airborne dust and pathogens as you clean. But there are still times you're going to come face-to-face with these particulates, and when you do, you'll need to be prepared for them. That's why we carry a complete line of NIKRO air duct cleaning safety equipment. By wearing the right apparel and accessories, you'll have protection against dust clouds, bacteria, mold, lead, sharp duct edges and anything else you might encounter. You'll also be more comfortable as you work even when you're wearing the best safety gear for ductwork.



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Protect Yourself from Head to Toe

We have all sorts of vent cleaning safety equipment for sale at affordable prices. Limited-use protective coveralls made from propylene or Tyvek will shield your skin from harmful substances. They come with a hood and booties so you'll have an all-encompassing barrier. Guard your lungs as well with a HEPA-filtered full face respirator that blocks airborne particles from entering your lungs. A simple dust mask also provides basic protection on smaller clean projects.

Worried about other exposed areas? Don't be. NIKRO safety goggles are chemical- and impact-resistant so you can always see clearly on the job. Choose between cut-resistant and chemical-resistant gloves depending on what you expect to be handling. We even have knee pads so you won't get sore when you're working with low-hanging ducts or adjusting the cleaning system.

High-Quality Safety Gear & Support

When you're working with potentially dangerous equipment and chemicals, it really is better to be safe than sorry. Shop at Spycor Environmental for all the personal protective equipment you need for cleaning vents or doing other construction work. We have fast shipping that's free on qualifying orders so you will be ready for the next project. Select a product to learn more about it or email us 24/7 for expert advice.