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HEPA Vacuums for Sale

An ordinary vacuum won't do when you're dealing with airborne particulates and hazardous materials. HEPA vacuums provide efficient recovery and containment of everything from dust to lead so they can be disposed of. These high-efficiency particle air filtered vacuums capture a guaranteed minimum 99.97% of particles, so they won't get loose into the air. Furthermore, many vacuums from Spycor Environmental are certified to meet EPA and OSHA requirements for use at medical facilities, construction sites, abatement sites, flood recovery zones and other places that are environmentally fragile. Just look for the certifications on the product page or category. If you're looking for a NIKRO, Pullman, Minuteman or Ruwac vacuum, we have it at an affordable price.

*All HEPA & ULPA Vacuums sold by SPYCOR meet or exceed OSHA/EPA critical filter standards. HEPA fitlers are individually tested in accordance with IEST-RP-CC001 standards. ULPA filters are individually tested in accordance with IEST-RP-CC007 standards.
Vacuums for all Materials

Our warehouse is filled with different types of HEPA vacuums that are designed for your job site. Spycor Environmental has both single-phase and three-phase HEPA dust extractors for picking up concrete, wood, rubber and chalk dust plus metal grindings. You can get a small dust extractor vacuum with a HEPA filter for most applications or a giant extractor for large volumes and major construction. If you're working on lead or asbestos abatement, a lead RRP vacuum will keep your project in compliance. We also have mercury recovery vacuums, insulation blowers, fume and smoke extractors and wet-dry HEPA vacuums to pick up anything.

Rugged & Efficient Vacuums

It doesn't matter if you need a HEPA vacuum cleaner for silica dust or welding debris - the Spycor Environmental team will help you find the correct vacuum that gives you the best results. This also applies to how your vacuum is built and powered. In addition to traditional electric vacuums, there are also pneumatic vacuums that run off an air compressor. You can get USPS-approved industrial vacuums for cleaning sensitive postal service equipment and even explosion-proof HEPA vacuums that will completely eliminate the threat of combustible dust. We know there's a lot of vacuums to choose from, so call or email our customer service team 24/7 for free expert advice on which one is best for you.