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Chemicals and Coatings

Chemicals & Coatings for Air Ducts

Even after you've removed all the airborne particulates and solid debris from air ducts, there might still be bacteria, mold spores and other pathogens left behind. Applying air duct sanitizers, disinfectants, odor eliminators and other EPA-approved chemicals will provide the necessary follow-up to your cleaning efforts. By spraying or fogging these dust-sanitizing chemicals after a good brushing, you will improve air quality and safety throughout any commercial or industrial building.



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Air Duct Deodorizers & Disinfectants

Even if your air duct testing comes up clean for microbes, you still want them to smell fresh. Spycor Environmental is where to buy EnviroCON HVAC deodorizer, BBJ FreshDuct Odor Eliminator and other products from NIKRO Industries at competitive prices. These liquids come in scented and unscented varieties. Need to eliminate germs? We have the right chemicals for that, too. Foster 40/80 disinfectant takes on fungus, mildew and viruses while also eliminating odor. Sporicidin Disinfectant kills existing mold and helps prevent its return for up to six months.

Antimicrobial Coatings & Sealers

If you want even more lasting protection against dangerous pathogens, a protective air duct coating is the way to go. The Foster First Defense line includes fungicidal coatings, antimicrobial coatings, mold-resistant clear coats and other compounds. These spray-on chemicals are formulated both kill odor-causing bacteria and prevent them from forming. When properly applied, they can provide months and even years of protection. We also have duct liner sealers, adhesives and primers that offer resistance against corrosion and stains.

Get the Correct Air Duct Sanitizers

Shop now for affordable air duct chemicals that will put the perfect finishing touch on your cleaning project. If you need a spray cart for your ductwork, we also have airless sprayers and foggers in stock. We are here to make sure you get the correct products for your commercial or residential needs so you never accidentally apply the wrong chemical or coating. Just give us a call 24/7 at 1-877-293-0784.