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Tacky Mats

Protective Tacky Mats

When you're working in a controlled environment, you need to make sure everything that's brought into it is as clean as possible. This includes your shoes and equipment carts. A set of construction tacky mats is a simple way to get tidied up before entering clean rooms, labs, hospital rooms and abatement sites. These sticky floor mats will grab dust and debris off of footwear, rolling-cart wheels and equipment casters before they enter the work area. Keep areas sterile and sanitized by capturing these loose particles and contaminants in their tracks - and you'll do so without taking away from work time!



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Multi-Sheet Floor Mats

You'll find an assortment of Zip-Up Tacky Mats at Spycor Environmental that are an efficient, affordable way to clean your shoe bottoms. Their 30-sheet high-tack mats are coated with a special adhesive that is strong enough to seize loose particulates without slowing you down. When one sheet has been used up, simply pull it off to reveal the clean sheet beneath. The sheets are even numbered so you know how many you have left in that set. Blue tacky mats are the most popular option as they offer the best visibility for concrete, wood and chalk dust. However, grey and white tacky mats are also available in different sizes if you're working with dark rubber or metal.

Stick Debris in Place

By putting a tacky mat in front of a doorway, you can reduce debris without even thinking about it. These mats were originally designed for clean room environments like those required in pharmaceuticals, food processing and electronics. But they can also be used for asbestos and mold abatement - or if you've just installed a shiny new floor and don't want it to get dirty as you finish the rest of the room. Order affordable cases of tacky mats online or by phone from Spycor Environmental and you'll receive our expert technical support at every step.