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Structural Drying

Systems for Structural Drying

Dry rooms and structures out faster by using the best structural drying equipment. Moisture removal is an important part of many construction and HVAC projects. Flood restoration and water damage recovery always go better when you can get rid of excess moisture as soon as possible. Structural drying systems are also useful for cleaning HVAC ducts or for keeping humidity levels at appropriate levels in hospitals and clean rooms. Shop at Spycor Environmental for EPA- and OSHA-approved drying machines that are affordable every day.



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Structural Space Heaters

If a room is well-ventilated but still slow to dry, it may need some extra heat. OMNITEC Vulcan heaters are specifically designed for large structures. These compact industrial space heaters can warm an area up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit to evaporate water and moisture fast. Adjustable airflow, six independent heating elements and a remote temperature sensor give you the flexibility you need for many different drying projects. Use a structural heater horizontally or vertically to dry out floors, walls, beams, furniture and anything else that's wet.

Moisture Extraction Equipment

If water is embedded deep into your walls and subflooring, a moisture extraction system may be needed to draw it out. A machine such as the OmniAire 1500HS provides moisture removal and HEPA air filtration for water restoration or HVAC cleaning. These high-airflow units will physically pull water and condensation out of the walls while also scrubbing the air in the room. You can even use moisture extractors to create positive or negative pressure in a room for as much clean air and ventilation as possible.

Dry Out Fast

Whether you work in construction, medical facilities, flood recovery, HVAC repair or food services, you can get spaces as dry as you need them to be with the right structural drying machines. Visit Spycor Environmental if you want to get the correct products the first time. We are here to make sure you get what you need and that it works properly.