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  • Pre-Filters

    Primary/ Secondary Filters; change frequently
  • Pleated Filters

    Electrostatic Charged with Moisture Resistant Construction
  • HEPA Filters - Metal Frame

    HEPA Filters - Metal Frame Individually Certified 99.99% Efficiency .3 Micron
  • HEPA Filters/ Wood Frame

    HEPA Filters with Wood Frames

    Make your construction site, containment room or home practically dust-free with our wood frame HEPA filters for air purifiers. These high-efficiency particle air filters were originally developed in the 1940s for trapping radioactive particles in nuclear facilities. They now are the industry standard for use in negative air machines and other dust containment systems. By adding them to your equipment, you can trap sawdust, dust mites, pollen and other particulate matter that would otherwise remain floating in the air. Spycor Environmental has dozens of replacement HEPA filters with wood frames to help everyone in a contained space breathe cleaner air.

  • Carbon/ Odor Guard Filters

    Odors or Chemical Fumes/ Light to Medium Duty
  • Bag Filters for Dust Collection

    Collecting and Holding Large amounts of Dust (i.e. sawdust, Drywall)
  • Exhaust Ducting & Accessories

    Exhaust Ducting for Negative Air Machines

    In order for your negative air machine to work properly, you'll need a good ducting system to carry bad air out and pull good air in. If your ducting fails, the machine is just taking up space. Spycor Environmental has high-quality negative air exhaust hoses and accessories that hold fast at the connection point and throughout the duct. Add them to your air cleaning setup to make sure you're getting good air every time it circulates through a containment space.
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