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Exhaust Ducting & Accessories

Exhaust Ducting for Negative Air Machines

In order for your negative air machine to work properly, you'll need a good ducting system to carry bad air out and pull good air in. If your ducting fails, the machine is just taking up space. Spycor Environmental has high-quality negative air exhaust hoses and accessories that hold fast at the connection point and throughout the duct. Add them to your air cleaning setup to make sure you're getting good air every time it circulates through a containment space.



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Ducting for All Environments

Choose from three types of long-lasting exhaust duct to run through your walls and ceiling. Lay flat exhaust duct is popular for air machines because it expands to fit whatever plenum space you install it in. It comes in rolls that you can cut to length and has a thick sidewall for durability. Wire-reinforced flexible air ducting comes in several diameters and is better for wrapping or weaving around beams, pillars and poles. If you need maximum airflow, get reinforced PVC hose that has the capacity for large areas.

Intake Manifolds for Ducting Installation

When you're adding flexible negative air machine tubing to your setup, you will also need an intake manifold. These adapters are what allow the ducting to connect to your machine and operate from outside the containment area, freeing up more space in the area for other equipment. We carry several sizes of negative air intake manifold adapters for various duct sizes and machines. Each is made of durable ABS plastic that won't chip or crack so your connection holds fast.

Strong Exhaust Hoses at Affordable Prices

The right exhaust ducting will ensure the best air quality for your construction area, laboratory, clean room or other contained space. You'll be feeling pepped up when you're breathing better, especially after getting an affordable price plus free shipping on qualifying orders of our exhaust duct. Visit our Help section or give us a call for answers to all your questions!