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Air Compressors

Portable Air Compressors

Get air flowing through the ducts by connecting a rugged shop air compressor to your duct cleaning system. Any construction site or repair shop will be more productive and efficient with a good source of compressed air. Using them with an air duct machine lets you operate the brushes at maximum efficiency. They also power many other pneumatic tools such as saws, drills and lifts that you need on the job. Even if you're just looking for a way to inflate equipment tires, we have the construction air compressor for you.



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Electric Compressors

Spycor Environmental carries NIKRO air compressors that are built for heavy-duty use. Their portable electric compressors can be wheeled anywhere in a facility. Single-stage air compressors that work well for small- and medium-sized commercial jobs while a two-stage compressor provides even more PSI for industrial jobs. These two-cylinder units have a durable metal housing and semi-pneumatic wheels that act as a built-in tow dolly. Each one comes with a whip-and-blast assembly and airline assembly that connect to your air duct cleaning machine in seconds.

Gas-Powered Compressors

A gasoline air compressor is essential for when you're working in areas with no outlet in sight. NIKRO gas-powered two-stage compressors are built much like the electric models. The only difference is that they're powered by a two-cylinder Honda engine which produces up to 175 PSI and 23 CFM. The truck-mount compressor can be securely mounted to your truck bed for transport, so it is always available at outdoor job sites and un-wired remodelings.

Get Compressed Air When You Need It

Run your rotary brushes or pneumatic vacuums at full song with a professional compressed air machine. Our compressors are ETL-certified to conform to all national safe operation standards. Call the Spycor Environmental customer service team to learn more about each compressor and get expert advice on which one is right for you.