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Dust Door Barriers

Dust Barriers for Doorways

When you're trying to contain dust and toxins within a single room, the door is usually the weak spot. Even the most snugly-built doors have cracks that particles can slip through. Our dust door barriers will help contain dust within your workspace or act as a protective layer for isolation rooms to stop particles from getting in. Spycor Environmental offers a number of dust barrier systems from leading manufacturers to seal off your containment area.



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Dust Containment Door Sheets

In many cases, a simple sheet made from the right materials is enough to stop dust cold. Find a reusable dust barrier poly sheet in our inventory that is sized for residential or commercial doorways. Zipper dust door kits are an inexpensive option that you can open and close from either side when you need to get in and out. The Zip-Hatch system acts as its own doorway and can also be used on shrink-wrapped boats. If you really need to get in and out fast, upgrade to a magnetic dust barrier door that is hands-free and closes by itself.

Anteroom Door Enclosures

If you need to do construction and repair on the actual door, our anteroom dust barrier systems will keep the areas around it clean. These enclosures effectively create an anteroom around the doorway and seal it off from the room or hallway. They are available in several sizes and have adjustable flame-resistant panels for different ceiling heights. The siding on each anteroom type enclosure lets light through so you can see your work.

Close the Door on Dust

Don't let dust and particulates just walk in and out the door as they please. Our dust barrier systems for doorways will keep job sites clean so customers, business employees and patients are happy. Call or email our technical support team and they will help you set up your new dust protection enclosure or customize it for a specific project.