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EPA-Approved Lead Abatement Equipment

Handling old paint or anything else containing lead can be a dangerous endeavor. This is why the EPA has very strict Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rules for working on projects in any home or facility built before 1978. Spycor Environmental has all the EPA-certified lead abatement tools and supplies you need for your RRP projects to protect both yourself and the children who occupy these spaces.



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HEPA Vacuums

Lead containment starts with having the tools to remove the material in question. A HEPA-filtered vacuum sucks up lead paint and other hazardous materials efficiently and safely. We have lead vacuums from companies such as Atrix, Pullman-Holt, Sterling and NIKRO that meet or exceed EPA-RRP requirements. Use them in conjunction with your Piranha lead paint remover, lead dust wipes and other tools to dispose of this dangerous old paint.

Room & Surface Protection

You also need to protect lead-free surfaces from becoming leaded. Our surface coverings will shield floors, counters, walls, doors and even bathtubs depending on what room you're working in. A tacky mat is another useful accessory for capturing any paint chips or lead dust that might have gotten on your footwear. By also using a negative air machine, you can filter and circulate potentially contaminated air out of the room.

Protective Clothing

Of course, you also need to protect yourself as you work. We have protective coveralls from DuPont and Sunrise that will prevent lead from getting on your skin. Choose basic clothing that covers the torso, arms and legs or upgrade to coveralls that include hoods and/or coated boots. These disposable coveralls come in packs of 25 and are comfortable to wear for long periods.

Compliance Kits

You'll always be ready for lead containment and recovery work with our NIKRO complete RRP compliance kits. These contain a HEPA lead vacuum along with lead testing kits, poly sheeting, respirators, caution signs and anything else you can think of. Multiple kit sizes are available for different size projects. Whether you need the best EPA-approved paint stripper or dust door barriers, we will help you find the right high-quality lead abatement tools.