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Odor, VOC and Bio-Contaminant Purifiers

Odor, VOC, & Bio-Containment Purifiers:
PEROx air purifiers are a powerful tool at fire and flood restoration projects, mold abatement sites, and for control of VOC’s, odor and bio-contaminants. Highly portable PEROx PG units are designed to be connected by flex duct to the exhaust from OmniAire machines or to the intake side of any air mover. PEROX 1000 units contain an integrated 1000 CFM blower and can be set up and running in seconds. The PEROx purification process utilizes Ionized hydroperoxides oxidizer plasma, which rapidly sanitizes the air passing through and continues to seek bio-contaminants in surrounding air and on hard surfaces. Our portable units can safely operate in occupied areas and control odors during the restoration process and during the final cleanup.

PEROx air purifiers provide a multitude of benefits in a wide range of industries. PEROx PG machines are designed to be used effectively at abatement and remediation sites for odor, VOC, and mold control as well as sterilization after final clean-up. Our air purifiers may also be found in bio-contamination sites such as crime scenes, medical facilities, and lab environments to control virus and other dangerous biohazards.



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