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Surface Disinfectants & Coatings

When you're doing clean-up from floods, fires and bio-contaminant outbreaks, it's not just dust and debris you have to worry about. Surface bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful microbes may be left over that make a surface unsafe for humans. That's why Spycor Environmental has surface disinfectants from Fiberlock Technologies to sanitize and sterilize as part of your project. Their EPA-registered disinfectant formula can be used on an assortment of porous and non-porous surfaces including wood, carpet, metal, laminate and tile. Kill dangerous pathogens and make rooms safe for habitation by treating floors, ceilings, ductwork and furniture with the best disinfectants.



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Ready-to-Use Disinfectant Products

Any surface can be decontaminated with Fiberlock solutions. Their Shockwave RTU is a hospital-grade daily sanitizer that is effective as a bactericide, disinfectant, fungicide and much more. In fact, it has more than 140 EPA-registered kill claims for various organisms. As a ready-to-use formula, it can be applied in healthcare, education and commercial environments even if there is no clean water source. If you have a serious mold problem, it calls for a serious weapon such as Aftershock Fungicidal Coating. Use it on pre-cleaned interior surfaces to kill residual mold and mildew. This anti-microbial sealant can be applied to wood, plaster, drywall, concrete, primed metal and many other non-HVAC surfaces for lasting protection.

Wipe Pathogens Away

Whether you're cleaning up in a laboratory at day's end or undertaking a complete mold remediation project, the right disinfectant and sanitizer products will take out dangerous germs and viruses. These Fiberlock Technologies all-in-one disinfectants and preventative coatings provide the sterilizing power you need to make surfaces safe for humans to touch. Spycor Environmental is where you can order these powerful products at a low price, so you don't have to choose between physical and financial health. Give our customer service team a call 24/7 at (877) 293-0784 for assistance with getting the right disinfectant.