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Patches, Plugs, & Zip Screws

Air Duct Cleaning Project Supplies

When you're busy cleaning ducts, both expected and unexpected challenges will come up. You might discover a duct has a hole in it or find objects you need to mark off to protect damage. Spycor Environmental will help you take on these challenges with our accessories for air duct cleaning. These EPA- and OSHA-approved supplies can be used for residential, commercial and industrial duct cleaning tasks to do better work and show customers you care.



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Accessories for Duct & Vent Repair

Even though you were hired to clean the ducts, you'll add value to your services if you can also do quick repair jobs. Use NIKRO metal duct patches and vent plugs to cover or fill holes that you find while cleaning. These patches and plugs come in several sizes and will cost both you and the customer much less than completely replacing the ductwork. Use our zip screws, duct tape, reinforced foil tape and other fasteners to securely attach these coverings. Fasteners can also be used by themselves to temporarily or permanently cover seams and rejoin ducts that have separated.

Marking & Covering Gear

In addition to taking care of the ducts, you need to take care of your workspace. For example, if you're only working on certain ducts in a room, you don't want the debris from them to end up in the other ducts. Use duct mask rolls and vent magnets to cover up openings while you work. When you have larger sections to block off, do so with diameter zone bags. This will make a project more manageable by only focusing on certain sections at once. Even simple things like safety tape and corner guards are useful for organizing, securing and protecting an area. Talk to our customer service team 24/7 by phone or email to learn about how these affordable air duct cleaning accessories can improve the quality and safety of your work.