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Start-Up Packages

Start-Up Packages for Air Duct Cleaning

If you've never cleaned air ducts before or are looking to upgrade your system, the number of options can be overwhelming. Spycor Environmental makes things simple by selling NIKRO air duct cleaning packages. These start-up HVAC duct kits have been perfectly paired to give you the best performance when scrubbing ductwork or dryer vents. Instead of spending days figuring out what supplies you need, choose from five different packages that are ETL-certified to meet all North American safety standards.



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Electric Air Duct Cleaning Packages

An electric air duct cleaner is the best combination of power, efficiency and affordability. We have multiple electric duct cleaning kits for commercial and industrial use. The NIKRO basic package has a 2,500 CFM upright system, electric compressor, solid core brush system and all the hardware you need for small projects. On the other end of the spectrum, there's the deluxe portable air duct cleaning vacuum kit with a 5,000 CFM free air machine, whip-and-blast system and a vacuum with an extra-large HEPA filter for large ducts.

Gas-Powered Air Duct Cleaning Kits

Working on a job site that's "off the grid"? A gasoline-powered air duct cleaning kit will power up even when the power is off. Both the regular and deluxe gas engine air duct cleaner packages have a 20-HP cleaning system, dual gas tanks, a filter bag, a solid core brush system and a single-axle trailer dolly for pulling it around the site. The deluxe kit adds in the whip-and-blast system along with additional accessories such as hole cutters, a fogger and an air duct sanitizer.

Everything You Need to Clean Ducts

Stop thinking about whether you need a brush with a flexible handle to clean air ducts or special plastic cap plugs. By getting a start-up air duct cleaning kit, you know you're getting all the essentials for regular duct projects. Call or email our technical support staff and we'll answer any questions about how to use your new start-up package.