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Smoke, Dust, & Fume Extraction

Fume & Dust Extractors

Having a safe workspace isn't just about preventing dust, fumes and mists from spreading elsewhere. You also need a way to prevent workers from breathing them in. Fume and dust extraction equipment is a powerful way to ensure cleaner air in construction sites, wood shops, mechanic's garages, welding sheds and other areas. These units capture a variety of particulates, including wood dust, rubber smoke, welding fumes and oil mist. No ventilation is needed to remove these hazards and let clean air flow into their place. Workers will enjoy easier breathing, better visibility and reduced maintenance time with the right machine.



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Industry-Leading Portable Extraction Devices

We are proud to carry the latest NIKRO fume and dust extraction machines for your enclosed shop or job site. Their AP series of free air cleaners come in multiple sizes to provide the right amount of filtration and airflow. Options range from the 600CFM portable air cleaner for contractors to the massive AP2000 with 2,200CFM of air flow for large shops. Each unit has a heavy-duty aluminum cabinet and low noise levels so they don't disturb communication. They also save money on HVAC costs by filtering warm or cool air right back into your shop. No additional ductwork is required! You can also order the base fume extractor without the capture arm if you already have the infrastructure in place.

Protect Workers & Equipment

Dust and fume extraction gear from Spycor Environmental provides the filtration and ventilation that you need safe operations. The air will be cleaner, and particles and mists won't settle on other surfaces to potentially cause accidents. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with finding a premium fume extractor for construction, welding, grinding, soldering, vent cleaning and many other tasks. All our machines meet or exceed EPA and OSHA standards so you know you will have high-quality air in any work environment.