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Marketing Material & Resale Items

Products for Your Duct Cleaning Business

Many Spycor Environmental customers aren't just buying air duct cleaning equipment for working on a single building. For them, it's a business that they've already established or are trying to get off the ground. Let our business help your business with the right NIKRO marketing and resale items. We are already an authorized dealer of their latest air ducting cleaning supplies. With these additional materials, you can let others know what the benefits are of hiring you to put that equipment to use.



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NIKRO Marketing Materials

Getting new business is often as simple as getting the word out. At least, it will be simple when you have the marketing package. A stack of NIKRO residential air duct cleaning brochures is a must for your office and when giving estimates. These pamphlets outline the reasons for getting one's ducts cleaned in beautiful four-color print. We also have multiple NIKRO doorknob hangers that give you more bang for the buck than any TV ad or radio spot. Hang them as part of a targeted neighborhood marketing plan or on nearby doors after completing a project to get the word out.

Duct Cleaning Resale Filters

It always helps when you can offer potential customers a little something extra. Spycor Environmental also offers NIKRO products approved for resale that you can include with duct cleaning services. The highlight is their resale HVAC filters. Offer several sizes of washable pleated filters for sale or as an add-on if they hire you for a project. Once they see the effectiveness of the filters you provide, they'll be even more likely to recommend you to friends and family.

Promote Your Air Duct Services

Even the best air duct technicians with the best equipment sometimes need help selling themselves. We provide that assistance with the right NIKRO marketing tools and our own advice from more than a decade in the industry. You'll be in business for good when you do business with us!