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Foggers & Airless Sprayers

Air Duct Sprayer Systems

Cleaning work isn't done once you've scrubbed and removed all the dust, mold and other debris from walls and surfaces. Applying disinfectants and anti-microbial coatings will kill the remaining bacteria and viruses off so they don't end up circulated back into the air. Foggers and sprayers from Spycor Environmental are designed to evenly distribute sanitizers in many different environments. They are frequently used as air duct sprayers, but they can also be put into service after cleaning up construction sites, laboratories, hospital rooms and abatement sites. With an affordable sprayer, you can apply the right coating to residential and commercial ductwork of all sizes.



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Duct Foggers & Spray Coaters

Both NIKRO airless sprayers and air duct foggers are in stock and ship fast everywhere in the U.S. A lightweight low-volume spray fogger is ideal for applying chemical odor eliminators and sanitizers to ductwork using adjustable flow control. With the duct cleaning airless sprayer, you'll have the power for high-output antimicrobial coatings on industrial ducts and vents. Want to do both with the same machine? The Coating Spray System attaches right to your sprayer and can cover up to 35 feet of ductwork in either direction. Use the remote on/off controller to coat any ducts between 6 and 21 inches high. We also have the miniature version for 5- to 15-inch ductwork.

Protect Ducts with the Right Sprayer

Spycor Environmental makes it easier to have safe, clean ducting with the right equipment. These air duct foggers and sprayers are simple to set up and use and can apply hundreds of gallons of coatings per week. The Titan airless sprayer can also be used for lacquer paints, stains, block fillers and other liquid coatings, making it a fine choice for painting projects too. Our customer support team is available by phone or email 24/7. We're happy to assist you with any questions so you will always have the correct ductwork sprayer in your arsenal.