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Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing for Construction & Abatement

Spycor Environmental sells a lot of supplies to protect buildings and property as you work. But you also need to protect yourself. Working with dangerous chemicals and substances, or even just being in a very dusty environment, presents a unique set of health risks. By wearing protective apparel that's approved by the EPA and OSHA, you can mitigate the risks of working with asbestos, lead, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.



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Coveralls for Non-Hazardous Applications

A good set of limited-wear apparel can protect you during many projects. Sunrise Suntech protective coveralls are designed to keep you safe and comfortable during spray-painting, fiberglass work, pressure washing, tank cleaning and much more. They are made using a reinforced polypropylene material and microporous film that is strong yet flexible. Get basic coveralls with elastic wrists and ankles for comfort or upgrade to hoods and boots for full head-to-toe protection.

Tyvek Protective Clothing

If you're working with dangerous materials or liquids, you need the most advanced clothing. DuPont Tyvek protective apparel is the toughest garment available for everything from basic dust clean-up to clean room tasks and asbestos removal. The special Tyvek fabric for clothing holds out pathogens and particles while resisting tears, punctures and penetration. At the same time, this clothing is lightweight and breathable so you can work a full shift comfortably. Each set of Tyvek coveralls and jackets comes in more than half a dozen sizes so everyone will have a good fit.

Protect Yourself in Style

When you're ordering work garments, you shouldn't have to choose between protection and comfort. Spycor Environmental has the right clothing in stock and can also custom-tailor our apparel for specific needs. Just call or email 24/7 and our customer service team will assist you with getting high-quality personal protective gear at an affordable price. Airborne particles, solid waste and liquid chemicals will stand no chance against these tough garments.