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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

Keep the air and your clothes clean in any residential laundry room or commercial laundromat with the right dryer vent cleaning system. There are all sorts of dryer vent types, but what they all have in common is that they require regular maintenance to do their job. NIKRO dryer vent cleaning supplies will help you get rid of lint and other debris that regularly build up. As such, more air will flow to speed up clothes drying, and the risk of fires and other hazards will be reduced.



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Dryer Vent Vacuums and Drying Systems

Spycor Environmental is an authorized NIKRO dealer and stocks their latest driver vent supplies. Their HEPA dryer vent vacuum system is a high-powered way to clean any size vent duct. Vacuum and brush vents at the same time with four-stage filtration to catch 99.97% of particles. The ETL-certified vacuum comes with a tool kit and is also available with a deluxe rotary brush kit. Put that filtered air to use by attached a HEPA drying system to your airtight dryer vent that has special hoses for reaching tight areas.

Tools & Accessories for Dryer Vents

Maintain your cleaning system just as well as your vents by getting the right NIKRO dryer vent cleaning kit. We offer an assortment of nylon brush kits in all sizes for scrubbing vents out and leaving them particulate-free. Handheld lint brushes can grab globs out of a vent before the heat can set them ablaze. Match them up with a set of locking brush rods for reaching deep into those commercial- and industrial-sized ducts. We also have flexible lead lines and drill adapters for every situation.

Professional Supplies for Cleaning

Whether you need a round bristle brush for your dryer vent or a nest removal tool for removing a dust mites' home, Spycor Environmental has it at an affordable price. Our service team will help you find the right equipment and use it the right way for the best results.