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Dust Control & Air Quality Supplies for Rent

At Spycor Environmental, we want everyone to have the equipment they need for dust containment on any commercial or industrial project. But we also know that not everyone needs them on a regular basis or has the space to store them. Instead of buying a dust cart, environmental containment unit or negative air machine, rent them instead. We offer dust containment supply rentals by the week for construction, maintenance and hospital operations. When you rent a Mintie dust extractor or HEPACART containment carts, you get the best equipment for your project without needing to commit to a full purchase.



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Benefits of Renting Dust Containment Equipment

Choosing to go with a pressure monitor, air scrubber or fume extractor rental offers a number of advantages for short-term users. For starters, you'll only make payments for as long as your project takes. The rental period begins the day after delivery and ends the day you ship it back. In other words, you're not paying for something you don't have - and we deliver directly to the job site! We also take care of standard maintenance and cleaning after the equipment is returned. You'll have the right tools and supplies without needing to find a place to store them for months and years at a time. And if you are considering buying some equipment, renting it first is a great way to see if it actually does the job you need it to.

  • Costs limited to duration of your project
  • Eliminates maintenance & cleaning costs
  • Eliminates Storage Issues
  • Ships direct to your job-site with Rental time starting the day after delivery.
  • Try before you buy!

Easy Rentals for Less

We've made the dust containment rental process as smooth and simple as possible. Just choose the equipment you want along with any add-ons and accessories. You can then select a pre-determined rental length at a reduced rate or rent by the week if you're unsure how long you'll need the item. Our technical support team can help you make an accurate project length estimate. Then check out, sign the rental agreement, and you're good to go! We offer some of our most popular equipment for rent so you can experience premium performance without paying a premium price.

  1. It’s Easy! A Credit Card & a Signed Rental Agreement is all that is required.
  2. Choose the rental option that best suits your needs. Our technical staff can help you decide (843) 388-5833.
  3. Checkout online or by phone with the Spycor Rental Team. Pay up-front for the first week and you will be billed on a recurring weekly basis until your project is complete.
  4. Rental period begins the day after you receive shipment & ends the day you ship your rental back to Spycor.