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Patient Isolation Rooms
Medical Uses

Isolation Room Negative Air Machines

When you're dealing with patients who have infectious airborne diseases, you need a way to isolate them while still providing the care they need. Our negative air machines for isolation areas help create a "safe space" to reduce the risk of disease spreading while also improving the patient outlook. By pulling clean external air into a room and filtering the air that's forced out, these machines prevent contaminated air from spreading to other rooms. Add them to operating rooms, anterooms, isolation chambers or temporary containment areas to prevent outbreaks and reduce room clean-up time.

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CDC-Approved Air Cleaners

Spycor Environmental has a variety of negative air machines that meet CDC guidelines for infectious disease control in negative pressure rooms. By combining HEPA and UVGI air filtration, they capture dust particles, safely kill germs and viruses and destroy toxic chemicals via a multi-stage process. Many of these air cleaners can also provide a positive pressure environment to create a "clean room" for ICU rooms, diabetes and cancer patients, bone marrow transplants and other high-risk scenarios. Variable-speed airflow lets you effectively isolate rooms of many sizes with low operating costs. Our largest patient care air machines can even turn an entire home into an "isolation area" for when home confinement is recommended.

Premium Negative Air Isolation

Our negative air machines come from Omnitec, Continental Fan and Mintie Technologies, all of whom are experts in air purification for hospital and home healthcare. Each one is built to be compact and lightweight so they are fully portable in case you ever need to set up a makeshift isolation room. They can also be attached to many mobile containment units. Full compliance with OSHA, UL and CSA safety regulations means patients will never be in danger from breathing. Look for the truck logo to get free shipping in the U.S. on your new negative air unit from the leader in occupied healthcare equipment.