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What is a Negative Air Machine Used For?

Negative air machines have many uses. Abatement companies and building contractors use HEPA negative air machines to prevent contamination from dust and toxins. Some examples include odors from paint and varnish, silica dust, lead and asbestos, mold, and general dust control for construction and renovation projects. During maintenance work in an occupied healthcare facility, you must use containment and HEPA air filtration equipment (a negative air pressure system), to fully capture all contaminants and airborne dust. This is a CDC requirement, whether you're cutting into flooring or walls, removing ceiling tiles or replacing fluorescent lighting. Hospitals that care for patients with infectious diseases use negative pressure rooms to comply with CDC guidelines.

Negative Air Machines, Air Scrubbers and Air Purification Units

At Spycor, you can find a negative air machine for sale that fits your organization's requirements, whether it's a portable negative air machine for construction or a medical grade HEPA negative air machine for occupied facilities. We also offer air purification units for isolation rooms; odor, VOC and bio-contaminant purifiers; and accessories such as HEPA air scrubber filters, bag filters for dust collection, exhaust ducting and spare parts.

OmniAire HEPA Negative Air Machines

OmniAire HEPA negative air machines, such as their MF100MED, OA600VMED and OA2000VMED models, are considered "the industry standard" for hospital and healthcare environments. We have a large selection of OmniAire systems from Omnitec Design, from lightweight units that provide an airflow of 200-600 CFM to their largest portable model, the OmniAire 18000, with 18,000 CFM airflow capacity.

Which Negative Air Machine Model Do You Need?

To determine which model is best suited for your application, see our Air-Flow Calculator. By entering the dimensions of the containment area and the number of air changes per hour that are required, you'll obtain the room's CFM (airflow in cubic feet per minute). From there, we can recommend a model that meets your needs.

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BioMAX HEPA 99.97% 24 x 24 x 11 1/17 BioMAX HEPA 99.97% High Efficiency Particulate Galvanized Steel 24x48x5 7/8
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BioMAX HEPA 99.97% Steel 	8x8x5 7/8 BioMAX HEPA 99.97% High Efficiency Galvanized Steel 8 x 8 x 5 7/8
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BioMAX HEPA 99.97% Steel 	12x12x5 7/8 BioMAX HEPA 99.97% High Efficiency Galvanized Steel 12x12x5 7/8
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