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Negative Air Machines

Clean air is important in any work environment for the safety of employees, patients and more. If your job is subject to large amounts of dust, odor, mold and other breathable toxins, a negative air machine can help remove them. These air purification units use exhaust ducting to regularly draw new, fresh air into a containment area while filtering and removing the old air. We offer dozens of negative air machines that prevent contamination in a variety of construction, healthcare and lab environments. Whether you want to prevent excessive odors and fumes from painting or control dust during a kitchen renovation, these powerful machines will help you do so.

Air Purifiers for All Spaces

Spycor Environmental has negative air units from Omnitec, NC Filtration, Mintie Technologies, NIKRO and other respected manufacturers. Many types of machines are available depending on your space and job considerations. Portable negative air scrubbers are ideal for contractors and construction teams while medical-grade HEPA negative air machines will keep the air in healthcare facilities completely pure. There are also bio-containment purifiers, patient isolation room purification systems, demolition site HEPA machines and clean-room units. Choose from many sizes and airflow rates to handle fire restoration projects, hospital maintenance, mold abatement, infectious disease care and other things that require a constant supply of clean air.

Positive Performance with Negative Air

With more than a decade of industry experience, Spycor Environmental has the knowledge to assist you with getting the right construction systems and air purifiers. We have affordable prices on everything from light commercial air machines to units that meet CDC requirements for air quality. We also carry replacement parts for Omnitec machine along with an endless supply of replacement filters and ducting. Use our negative air machine air-flow calculator to find the right model for your needs or call us 24/7 to speak with a customer service representative.