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Duct Cleaning Systems

NIKRO Duct Cleaning Systems

Good ductwork is a must for good airflow in any building, plus it will maximize the performance of your HVAC system. Part of this goal is having ducts that are clean. Spycor Environmental is an authorized supplier of NIKRO duct cleaning systems, equipment and accessories for buildings of all sizes. As a member of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), NIKRO holds its equipment to the highest standards. Whether you need to clean small residential ductwork or large commercial and hospital systems, we have the duct cleaning tools to do it yourself and rid the air of dust and mold.
Air Duct Systems & Start-Up Kits

Remove particles and purify the air traveling through the walls with NIKRO complete air duct cleaning systems. These free air dual-motor tanks are powerful but economical so they can filter air in many environments. We also have NIKRO portable gas-powered air duct cleaners for construction sites and contractors. Our start-up air duct cleaning packages include ducting, filter bags, a vent host brush attachment and other parts you will need.

Duct Equipment & Accessories

Spycor Environmental has a variety of other equipment that you may find useful depending on the duct layout of your building. A NIKRO 10-gallon HEPA vacuum in dry or wet/dry designs will help you clean up after projects. There are air compressors for our portable cleaners and dryer vent systems for industrial laundry rooms. If you use an air duct cleaning brush system, head to our brush systems category to find a new HVAC brush. We also carry airless sprayers, chemical coatings, inspection equipment, safety gear and many other supplies.

Best Duct Cleaning Systems

Every building should have clean air for its occupants to breathe. This air duct cleaning equipment will scrub the air inside without harming the environment outside. We keep our professional-quality equipment affordable and offer the customer support you need to make sure you're getting the right system for your ductwork.