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NIKRO Duct Cleaning Systems

Good ductwork is a must for good airflow in any building, plus it will maximize the performance of your HVAC system. Part of this goal is having ducts that are clean. Spycor Environmental is an authorized supplier of NIKRO duct cleaning systems, equipment and accessories for buildings of all sizes. As a member of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), NIKRO holds its equipment to the highest standards. Whether you need to clean small residential ductwork or large commercial and hospital systems, we have the duct cleaning tools to do it yourself and rid the air of dust and mold.
  • Start-Up Packages

    Start-Up Packages for Air Duct Cleaning

    If you've never cleaned air ducts before or are looking to upgrade your system, the number of options can be overwhelming. Spycor Environmental makes things simple by selling NIKRO air duct cleaning packages. These start-up HVAC duct kits have been perfectly paired to give you the best performance when scrubbing ductwork or dryer vents. Instead of spending days figuring out what supplies you need, choose from five different packages that are ETL-certified to meet all North American safety standards.

  • Air Duct Cleaning Systems

    Free Air Systems for Duct Cleaning

    In order to rid your ductwork of dust, debris and other particulates, you will need a strong machine to power the cleaning process. Spycor Environmental has a large selection of air duct cleaning systems from NIKRO Industries that will remove contaminants so your HVAC equipment will circulate cleaner air. Using the right vacuum cleaner unit along with the right brushes to clean your air ducts is the quickest way to scrub large commercial and industrial vents. With more than half a dozen systems in stock, there's an air duct machine for sale at a great price that will improve air quality and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Air Compressors

    Portable Air Compressors

    Get air flowing through the ducts by connecting a rugged shop air compressor to your duct cleaning system. Any construction site or repair shop will be more productive and efficient with a good source of compressed air. Using them with an air duct machine lets you operate the brushes at maximum efficiency. They also power many other pneumatic tools such as saws, drills and lifts that you need on the job. Even if you're just looking for a way to inflate equipment tires, we have the construction air compressor for you.

  • HEPA Filtered Vacuums

    HEPA-Filtered NIKRO Vacuums

    Whether you're trying to remove the last bit of dust from your dryer vents or are working on a lead abatement site, a HEPA vacuum from Spycor Environmental can come to the rescue. Vacuums are an excellent choice for push-pull cleaning on smaller jobs that an industrial air cleaner would be overkill for. They also can get into the corners and crevices that these large machines might not be able to reach. By using HEPA-filtered vacuums, you'll capture 99.97% or more of all airborne particulates larger than 0.3 microns so they don't get released back into the air. The result is quick clean-up with effective filtration that's not overdoing it with an industrial-strength air machine or dust extractor.

  • Brush Systems

    HVAC Duct Cleaning Brushes

    There's more to cleaning your ducts than just turning on an air machine and watching it work. A duct cleaning brush will knock loose dust, mold, bacteria and fungi that are sticking to the sidewalls so your vacuum or air system can scoop them up. Spycor Environmental has dozens of air duct brush packages and accessories for use on residential, commercial or industrial ductwork. Whatever size and shape duct you work on, we can help you get the right brushes for the job.

  • Inspection & Robotic Equipment

    Air Duct Inspection & Robotic Equipment

    When you're in the duct cleaning business, it's important to be able to see what you're dealing with. Our air duct inspection supplies allow you to get a good long look inside HVAC ducts and dryer vents. Using vent inspection equipment means you can determine in advance how much (if any) cleaning is needed and also check afterwards to see if all particulates have been removed. Make your project more efficient and save unnecessary work by using the right equipment to inspect the ducts.

  • Foggers & Airless Sprayers

    Air Duct Sprayer Systems

    Cleaning work isn't done once you've scrubbed and removed all the dust, mold and other debris from walls and surfaces. Applying disinfectants and anti-microbial coatings will kill the remaining bacteria and viruses off so they don't end up circulated back into the air. Foggers and sprayers from Spycor Environmental are designed to evenly distribute sanitizers in many different environments. They are frequently used as air duct sprayers, but they can also be put into service after cleaning up construction sites, laboratories, hospital rooms and abatement sites. With an affordable sprayer, you can apply the right coating to residential and commercial ductwork of all sizes.

  • Chemicals and Coatings

    Chemicals & Coatings for Air Ducts

    Even after you've removed all the airborne particulates and solid debris from air ducts, there might still be bacteria, mold spores and other pathogens left behind. Applying air duct sanitizers, disinfectants, odor eliminators and other EPA-approved chemicals will provide the necessary follow-up to your cleaning efforts. By spraying or fogging these dust-sanitizing chemicals after a good brushing, you will improve air quality and safety throughout any commercial or industrial building.

  • Hoses, Connectors, & Flanges

    Air Duct Cleaner Hoses & Connectors

    Cleaning air ducts on a regular basis is necessary to prevent dust and pathogen build-up in an HVAC system. In order for your ducting cleaning machine to work its best, you will need good exhaust hose and connectors. This specialized ducting will ensure that the loose particulates being drawn out of the vents will go directly into a collection container instead of spraying out into the air. Spycor Environmental has an assortment of air duct connectors for sale to make sure you're removing debris instead of just moving it around.

  • Safety Equipment

    Safety Equipment for Cleaning Air Ducts

    At Spycor Environmental, we sell a lot of products for minimizing airborne dust and pathogens as you clean. But there are still times you're going to come face-to-face with these particulates, and when you do, you'll need to be prepared for them. That's why we carry a complete line of NIKRO air duct cleaning safety equipment. By wearing the right apparel and accessories, you'll have protection against dust clouds, bacteria, mold, lead, sharp duct edges and anything else you might encounter. You'll also be more comfortable as you work even when you're wearing the best safety gear for ductwork.

  • Marketing Material & Resale Items

    Products for Your Duct Cleaning Business

    Many Spycor Environmental customers aren't just buying air duct cleaning equipment for working on a single building. For them, it's a business that they've already established or are trying to get off the ground. Let our business help your business with the right NIKRO marketing and resale items. We are already an authorized dealer of their latest air ducting cleaning supplies. With these additional materials, you can let others know what the benefits are of hiring you to put that equipment to use.

  • Optional Items

    Air Duct System Extras & Accessories

    Are you looking to take your duct cleaning to the next level? Customize your equipment with our optional items for air duct cleaning systems and negative air machines. As the name suggests, these products aren't essential for getting dust and debris out of ductwork. But once you've used our NIKRO air duct cleaning accessories, you won't be able to imagine how you got along without them!

  • Patches, Plugs, & Zip Screws

    Air Duct Cleaning Project Supplies

    When you're busy cleaning ducts, both expected and unexpected challenges will come up. You might discover a duct has a hole in it or find objects you need to mark off to protect damage. Spycor Environmental will help you take on these challenges with our accessories for air duct cleaning. These EPA- and OSHA-approved supplies can be used for residential, commercial and industrial duct cleaning tasks to do better work and show customers you care.

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Air Duct Systems & Start-Up Kits

Remove particles and purify the air traveling through the walls with NIKRO complete air duct cleaning systems. These free air dual-motor tanks are powerful but economical so they can filter air in many environments. We also have NIKRO portable gas-powered air duct cleaners for construction sites and contractors. Our start-up air duct cleaning packages include ducting, filter bags, a vent host brush attachment and other parts you will need.

Duct Equipment & Accessories

Spycor Environmental has a variety of other equipment that you may find useful depending on the duct layout of your building. A NIKRO 10-gallon HEPA vacuum in dry or wet/dry designs will help you clean up after projects. There are air compressors for our portable cleaners and dryer vent systems for industrial laundry rooms. If you use an air duct cleaning brush system, head to our brush systems category to find a new HVAC brush. We also carry airless sprayers, chemical coatings, inspection equipment, safety gear and many other supplies.

Best Duct Cleaning Systems

Every building should have clean air for its occupants to breathe. This air duct cleaning equipment will scrub the air inside without harming the environment outside. We keep our professional-quality equipment affordable and offer the customer support you need to make sure you're getting the right system for your ductwork.