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Access Doors

Access Doors

While some parts of a building can be walled off completely (and hopefully forever), others require at least occasional access for maintenance and repairs. Access doors and access panels give you the easy entry you need for when work is required, but hold fast the rest of the time to protect parts and systems. Spycor Environmental has dozens of access panels with a frame and swinging door that are easy to install. Install them in front of plumbing shut-off valves, circuit breakers, wiring and more in any residential or commercial building.

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Access Panels for Every Surface

No matter what you have for a wall or ceiling, we have an access door that is a perfect match. You can find access panels for drywall, plaster, tile, wood and other surfaces. We also have access doors made of different materials such as plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. Fire rated access panels are a must around wiring and other flammable materials while acoustical access panels won't degrade the sound quality of your media room or music studio. Many people use our security access doors to create a storage space for valuables.

Open Your Door Every Which Way

Think all doors work the same? Think again. Surface mount access panels are the standard ones in the industry, but there are also flush mount and recessed panels that have a more streamlined aesthetic. Removable panels let you work without having to hold a door open. There are also floor hatches for getting to the crawl space and both roof hatches and drop-in ceiling doors for getting to the plenum space. We even have walk-in access doors for working on large-scale ducting.

The Access You Need

Spycor Environmental will beat the competition on price and quality for everything from exterior access doors to gypsum ceiling panels. With so many options to choose from, we know it can be a tough decision. That's what our customer service team is standing by 24/7 by phone or email to assist you with getting the product for your needs.