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HEPA Filters 99.97% Wood Frame

99.97% HEPA Filters with Wooden Frames

If your HEPA negative air machine, air purifier or air scrubber has an inferior filter, it's about as useful to your job site as a fan blowing all the dust around. Our HEPA filters with wood or particle board frames are an affordable way to make sure that dust, aerosols, mold spores and asbestos fumes are taken out of circulation. These high-efficiency particulate air filters meet the ASME standard by removing 99.97% of particles, leaving behind clean, safe air. If you need a new filter for your work site, containment area or home, Spycor Environmental has one that will fit your air purification unit.



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We stock the leading HEPA filters in the industry, including Koch BioMAX high-efficiency filters, NC Filtration filters and Omnitec filters. Each style comes in a number of sizes or is designed for a specific air system model. Custom sizes are offered, too! Our standard capacity particle board HEPA filters are good for residential and light commercial use while high-capacity filters will handle the demands of heavy construction, clean rooms and automotive paint shops. Some are equipped with elements such as large particle pre-filters and odor removers to perform filtration tasks specific to your projects with minimal air resistance. The rigid chipboard wood frame is thoroughly sealed with fire-retardant adhesives to improve durability.

Protect people, equipment and processes by using the right HEPA wood frame filters to remove contaminants for the surrounding air. You'll get the right filter at an affordable price, with free shipping on qualifying orders, when you shop at Spycor Environmental. While these filters are not recommended for health care facilities and other CDC-regulated areas, they are ideal for contractors, painters, demolition teams, homeowners and others who need great air filtration without spending a lot. Click on a filter to learn more about it or send us an email - we're here to make sure you're using the right HEPA filters for your equipment.