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Mobile Dust Containment Systems

Mobile Dust Containment Systems

If your work is constantly on the move, your work area needs to be able to move with you. Portable dust containment systems will trap dust and debris from all your work activities on construction sites or in hospitals. These mobile enclosures will minimize exposure to office workers, patients and others who can't just be moved out while you're doing renovations or maintenance. And they can go everywhere from lobbies to above the ceiling as needed!



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Spycor Environmental offers two types of affordable mobile dust containment enclosures for your needs. Each one has a number of advantages and we are happy to help you find the right design to meet your needs.

Hard Panel Dust Containment Systems

Our hard-sided mobile units are a sturdy dust containment solution. The sheet metal frame is easy to clean after each use and they are often large enough to hold the tools you need so you're not always going in and out. Some of these hard panel systems also have a built-in negative air unit to scrub the air. With systems such as the HepaCart, you can get quality air purification and ceiling access all at once.

Dust Containment Envelopes

Need more flexibility from your setup? Soft-sided dust containment systems can fit more easily into crevices and often have an adjustable frame to match the space. They are also often less expensive than hard panel systems. However, they can also be more difficult to clean, especially if dust gets into the fabric folds. We have standard soft panel cubes along with envelopes designed specifically for walls, doorways and anterooms. You can also get disposable dust containment units that act as their own clean-up bag.

Affordable Mobile Dust Solutions

Spycor Environmental works with the leading manufacturers in the industry to supply our customers with high-quality, affordable dust containment systems. We have dozens of units in stock along with accessories such as cabling access points and replacement hatch doors. Call us today for expert assistance!