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10' Advanced Mobile Containment System, Fiberlock

Fiberlock Technologies 10' Advanced Mobile Containment System

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Product Code: 6551-K
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Includes: (Uniframe, Wheelbase, & Enclosure) 6551-K = (6547-U, 6540-U, 6543-U)
Kontrol Kube’s are mobile dust containment and isolation units designed to be set up quickly and easily to establish a temporary negative pressure environment. They are ideal for the control of airborne particulate during hospital renovations, construction and repairs; or for temporary patient isolation and increased surge capacity.

The Kontrol Kube adjust to ceilings of up to 10’ when overhead containment is needed for maintenance or repairs such as cabling, light bulb replacement, HVAC access or any other above ceiling work. The unit can also be used for side wall access when performing work such as plumbing or installing power and communications outlets. With a 30” wide wheel base the unit can be quickly moved through all AIA and NFPA compliant doors to any area where dust and particulate control is needed.

When containment of a large area is required the Kontrol Kube can be set up as an anteroom and used to isolate entire rooms during construction, renovation or repair.
• Dust & particulate control to assist in achieving JCAHO, CSA, CHICA and CDC compliance.
• Assists in meeting OSHA & ACGIH levels of permissible nuisance dust
• Access walls and ceilings of up to 10’
• Moves easily throughout the facility
• Eliminates the need for disposable barrier materials
• Simplifies clean up
• Designed for daily use
• Easier to inspect than traditional barriers

Patient Isolation:
The Kontrol Kube can be configured for use as a temporary anteroom converting any operating, patient or procedure room into an emergency airborne isolation room. The Kontrol Kube can be quickly set up to provide containment where ever it is needed without costly disruptions to patients and schedules. The unit can be used in conjunction with either a negative or positive pressure patient room.

The spread of airborne infectious disease, and the need for surge capacity, can quickly overwhelm a facility. The Kontrol Kube offers a convenient solution to securing a protected environment. The unit can be set up in just minutes, and when kept under negative pressure helps satisfy HRSA Critical Benchmark #2-2 requirements.

• Convert any room into an airborne isolation room
• Designed for rapid deployment
• Meets HRSA Critical Benchmark 2-2
• Beveled base allows for easy roll through of carts, beds or equipment
• Assists in disaster preparedness
AirBase - Negative Air Machine Base
The patent pending AirBase attaches quickly and easily to the Kontrol Kube Wheel Base and is designed to support a negative air machine. Once connected, the entire system including negative air machine and containment unit, can be rolled through a facility by a single person.
• Easy locking attachment
• Complete single user mobility
• Designed to work with the Kontrol Kube Negative Air Machine
• Accommodates most portable negative air machines
• Can be used for cable spools, equipment & tools

Negative Air Machine
The Kontrol Kube Negative Air Machine off ers a revolutionary combination of power, effi cacy and convenience. This light weight, three-stage, variable speed machine delivers up to 500 CFM (with HEPA fi lter installed) and is ideal for use with the Kontrol Kube containment units. Featuring a DOP Stage 2 Pre-fi lter this unit ensures eff ective fi ltration in a single pass. The unit also includes a 5’ length of fl ex duct for attachment to the Kontrol Kube.
• Variable speed - up to 500 CFM
• DOP compliant 3 stage HEPA fi ltration
• Lightweight, durable rotomolded construction
• Designed for the Kontrol Kube Containment Unit
• Filter change indicator light
• Includes 5’ Flex Duct
• UL/C-UL Rated
• Passes UL94 fl ammability rating

Containment Unit Comparison
Kontrol Kube Advanced
Kontrol Kube Topsider
Enclosure Material
Woven Synthetic Fabric
Nylon Reinforced Vinyl
Ceiling Access
10' or 8'
Anteroom Configuration
Connect Multiple Units
Increase Surge Capacity
Material Strength
Extremely Strong
Very Strong
Patient Isolation

• CDC and JCAHO compliant
• 30” wide base fi ts through all AIA and NFPA Life Safety Code Compliant Doors
(NFPA, NFPA, NFPA, AIA (C), AIA -b (ii))
• Convert any room into an airborne isolation room
• Designed for rapid deployment
• Meets HRSA Critical Benchmark 2-2
• Dust & particulate control to assist in achieving JCAHO, CSA, CHICA and CDC compliance
• Assists in meeting OSHA & ACGIH levels of permissible nuisance dust
• Fire rated enclosure meets JCAHO EC.5.50.2 & California Fire Marshall
• Sets up in under 15 minutes
• Solid wheel base permits a single person to move the unit with tools inside
• Durable Construction

Supports Negative Air Machine on rolling platform* XX
Rolls through all AIA and NFPA Compliant Doors** XX
Width x Length 30”x60" 30”x60
Windows 4 - 19” x 34” 2 - 19" x 41"
Side Access Doors 2 - 45” x 80” 2 - 45” x 90”
End Access Doors - - 1 - 22”x90”
12” Diameter Portal a a XX
4” Diameter Portal a a XX
Solid Wheel Base a a X X
Four Locking Casters (non-marking) X X
Solid Base supports 500 lbs X X
Fire Retardant Enclosure X X

Negative Air Machine:
Air Flow: 250 to 500 CFM with variable speed control
(w/ filters in place)
Power 115V, 60 Hz, 12 amp circuit breaker
Motor Impeller with thermal overload protection rated for
1000 CFM. 3 amps
GFCI Outlets 9 amp auxiliary outlet (12 amps with unit off)
Cord Length 25’
Dimensions 24.6” × 26.2” × 18.2”
Weight 44 lbs (19.9 kg)
Duct Size Intake: 12”, Outlet: 8”
Daisy chain Plug three units together – provides up to 1500 CFM
Housing Rotomolded polyethylene
Fire Rating Passes flammability testing UL94
Filter Change Light Indicates when HEPA filter needs to be changed
Safety marks UL/C-UL Listed
Filtration: 3 Stage DOP Compliant HEPA
- Pre Filter (included)
- DOP Filter (included)
- HEPA Filter (included)
- Carbon Filter (optional)


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