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Mintie ECU4 AnteRoom / Isolation Kit

Negative Air Machine NOT -included

Mintie ECU4 AnteRoom / Isolation Kit

Mintie Technologies
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The following items are included with this product:
Product Code: MTIECU4-AR
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ECU4 Frame, ECU4 Envelope, & Sidewall Flange

Fixed airborne infection isolation rooms (AIIRs) are expensive and require constant maintenance. Recent testing shows that many AIIRs are functioning improperly but still in use (see studies). The cost effective IcoRoom anteroom system is an easy, portable solution that temporarily places a standard OR into AIIR equivalent isolation. It can also be used as an additional safeguard against malfunctioning fixed facilities.

Benefits include;

  • Simulated fixed anteroom performance at a fraction of the price
  • Easy identification of proper functioning
  • Ability to treat patients with TB or other infectious diseases anytime, anywhere
  • Less noisy and less intrusive to practitioners during treatment than other filtration options
  • Short notice patient isolation: One person can set up the IcoRoom in 15 minutes

The ECU4 anteroom system is a clinically tested solution to treating patients with infectious diseases. The IcoRoom combines a collapsible, portable anteroom with a high-volume, high-efficiency HEPA filtered negative air machine. When deployed, an environment of negative air pressure relative to the treatment area and the surrounding corridor is created. This temporarily gives a standard OR the same functionality of a fixed AIIR and does not require building modifications.

Surgery or Invasive Procedures can be performed safely on infectious patients at anytime, anywhere. This eliminates the disruptions to surgery and procedure scheduling for infectious disease patients common in many hospitals. The high turn rate of the IcoRoom also allows ORs to be safely returned to service a short time after working on a patient with an active TB, or other infections diseases. All of this lessens the impact of infectious patients on facility throughput and risk to general population.

Procedures that generate aerosols* (recommended for isolation)

  • Surgical procedures on patients with active TB or other infectious diseases
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Endotracheal intubation or suctioning
  • Open Abscess irrigation
  • Autopsy
  • Sputum induction
  • Aerosol treatments
  • 8.8 million people each year develop normal TB
  • About 450,000 get a multi-resistant form (MRD-TB)
  • U.S. funding for TB control programs is in decline
  • Immigrant / resident alien infection rates are increasing
  • The threat of a U.S. epidemic is real and growing

When a patient with TB or other infectious diseases is in need of acute care or surgery, it puts healthcare facilities in a difficult position. Unless they have an available fixed isolation OR, they must deny the patient necessary care or put the general population at risk.

Also, most facilities have isolation patient rooms for general treatment, but new hospital preparedness guidelines on Surge Capacity require that healthcare facilities can meet the increased demand of a mass casualty event

  • Lightweight, collapsible frame
  • Two-piece top frame assembly with foam strip
  • New one piece, flat floor cargo side lower truss
  • New larger and wider non-skid polyurethanewheels
  • Collapsed dimensions:12.0” x 12.0” x 66.0”
  • Extended dimensions:
    • Footprint: 31.31” x 61.0”
    • Height: 7.0’ x 10.6’
    • Weight: 44.7 lbs.
  • New tan, lightweight, rip-stop poly fabric, flame-rated to U.S. ASTM E 84DFour doors: (two narrow, two wide cargo):
  • Wide: 48”, narrow: 22”DFour clear windows: 14.0” x 40.0”
  • Two negative air ports in removal panel format
  • 12.5”round port with drawstring and seal
  • Reinforced floor, dark gray
  • 3.5” round HEPA vacuum port with drawstring and seal
  • Clear pouch to display work/infection control permit.
  • Weight: 15.52 lbs.
  • Optional sidewall accessory: 20.0” long, flares
  • 44.0” to 58.0” Weight 6.7 lbs.ECU Mobile Platform 4 Specifications
  • Components: aluminum platform, Velcro locking straps DWeight: 58 lbs. Dim. 31.874” W x 66.774” L
  • Optional tow cart available for caddying NAM DCaster upgrade to 650 lbs each


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