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Zip-Hatch Zipper Door 30" X 72"
Zip-Hatch Zipper Door 30" X 72" - Image 1 of 0
Zip-Hatch Zipper Door 30" X 72" - Image 2 of 0
Zip-Hatch Zipper Door 30" X 72" - Image 1 of 0
Zip-Hatch Zipper Door 30" X 72" - Image 2 of 0
Zip-Hatch Zipper Door 30" X 72" - Image 1 of 0
Zip-Hatch Zipper Door 30" X 72" - Image 2 of 0

Zip-Hatch Zipper Door 30" X 72"

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Product Code: H30X72T2W
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Create an Entryway for Your Dust Containment Unit

The 72-inch ZIP-UP white zipper door is a surprisingly affordable solution for when you want to get into spaces while keeping out everything the environment can throw at them. A normal door on your construction site or containment room will still allow dust, rainwater, mold spores, salt, wind and other unwanted guests to slip between the cracks. These resealable zipper hatches form an impermeable barrier when they are closed so both the air and the property inside the containment space remain clean. And when a person needs to get in, allow they have to do is unzip the door and then zip it back up again.

An Easy-Opening Flexible Door

Order a zip hatch door from Spycor Environmental for all your containment and storage needs. The 30-inch by 72-inch zipper door is ideal for mobile dust containment systems as it large enough for most people to quickly get in and out. This makes them a quick doorway for new construction sites, remodeling jobs and occupied healthcare facility maintenance. Many people also use these doors on their shrink-wrapped boats so they can still access them while they're in winter storage. The hatch has a double-sided zipper slider so you can open it from both sides and not worry about getting trapped on a solo project.

Durable Zipper Doors for Less

ZIP-UP has constructed their 72-inch hatch door to be the most rugged part of your dust containment enclosure. The 10-mil. polyethylene material forms a strong barrier against pollutants and moisture and is also UV-resistant to prevent fading under the sun. Meanwhile, the zipper itself is stitched with the same nylon thread using to make sails so there are no weak spots for contaminants to slip through. Each zipper hatch comes with a 20-foot roll of 3-inch high tack tape for attaching the door to plastic, wood, fabric and pretty much any other surface. Make a doorway fast by using a Zip-Hatch!


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Anonymous Person from WA United States
February 15, 2021
Zippy review
Zippered door is fantastic but the description was a little vague... I thought it came with the door and tape and material to seal a doorway. Perhaps it was from my ignorance as to how the product should be used...of course it only comes with the door and tape. In any case, it seals well and zips confidently and can be used many times repeatedly without issues
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