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HEPA Filters/ Wood Frame

HEPA Filters with Wood Frames

Make your construction site, containment room or home practically dust-free with our wood frame HEPA filters for air purifiers. These high-efficiency particle air filters were originally developed in the 1940s for trapping radioactive particles in nuclear facilities. They now are the industry standard for use in negative air machines and other dust containment systems. By adding them to your equipment, you can trap sawdust, dust mites, pollen and other particulate matter that would otherwise remain floating in the air. Spycor Environmental has dozens of replacement HEPA filters with wood frames to help everyone in a contained space breathe cleaner air.



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Affordable High-Efficiency Air Filtration

We stock the highest-quality particle board HEPA filters from brands such as Koch Filter, NC Filtration and Omnitec. Each one contains a tangled fiber mesh sheet that is pleated to maximize surface area. This helps them catch more particulates and increases their lifespan. Many people choose these filters over metal frame filters because they are far less expensive (though they are not recommended by the CDC for infection control facilities). Each true HEPA filter is rated to capture at least 99.97 percent of particulates that are 0.3 microns or large, making them the most effective option available for dust control. And unlike other filter designs, they can get more efficient as they get dirty! (Though you will need to change them eventually.)

Filters for Any Air Machine

There are a lot of negative air machines and air scrubbers out there, and we have wood HEPA filters for all of them. Get standard capacity or high capacity filters to reduce wood dust in your carpentry shop, prevent mold spores from spreading during hospital maintenance or provide allergy relief in your home. You also can add HEPA filters to certain shop vacuums. Our technical support team will help you find the right filter for your equipment at a great price.