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99.99% HEPA Filter Wood Frame  24 x 12 x 5 7/88 Glasfloss

99.99% HEPA Filter Wood Frame 24 x 12 x 5 7/8

4 Reviews
Product Code: MAGPB2412A6BX
*Due to high demand this filter ships in 15-20 Business Days
The Glasfloss Magna Series HEPA grade air filters are designed for high-efficiency commercial and industrial applications. Magna Series efficiency for the 1100 Series is 99.99% based on a .30 micron particle. Glasfloss Magna filters are produced in a wide range of sizes, frame types and header combinations and are ideal for converting or upgrading existing systems.
  • Quality Assurance - the Magna 1100 Series - 99.99% filters incorporate glass microfiber media rolls that are randomly tested and certified to meet minimum-efficiency requirements by the media manufacturer. In addition, Glasfloss randomly selects and tests filters for leaks under a rigorous quality control program.
  • Media produced from glass microfibers are moisture-resistant and will not support microbial growth.
  • Frame is 3/4” particleboard
  • The filter cartridge is bonded within the frame using a two-part sealant that isolates the filter from external shock and prevents air bypass.
  • Neoprene closed cell gasket is standard on each filter.
  • Aluminum separators incorporate rolled edges that help prevent media chaffing and damage in handling.


Average Customer Review:
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Matthew Linville from Houston, TX United States
April 17, 2022
DIY laminar flow hood build 99% HEPA 24x12x5 7/8
The filter arrived in perfect condition, not a single bent fin. I tested the effectiveness of this filter by placing 3 agar petri dishes for an hour left opened with zero contamination. If your looking to build a laminar flow hood for tissue culture or mycology then look no further, this is the filter to get at a reasonable price and quality build.
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Anonymous Person
April 17, 2022
24X12X5 7/8 99.99 review
Good price for a good filter. The particle board is flaky enough that I covered everything with foil tape. There is only one thing I would ask to be done differently, and it’s a minor thing. The filter was shipped exposed in a box with a piece of cardboard on either side. I’m all for reducing plastic waste, but for what kinds of uses these filters are intended for, it would have been nice if the f
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Anonymous Person from Martinez, GA United States
February 14, 2022
Good filter
I have been using this filter for roughly a month and it gets the job done. It is used for mycology work and there has been no contamination due to the filter.
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