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Bathtub protection
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Surface Protection International TubWrap™

Surface Protection International
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Product Code: TUBMS
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It's not just cardboard, TubWrap™ is certified to withstand 1237 lb/f

Protect the Tub with TubWrap

The bathtub and shower something everybody spends time using in a bathroom. So if you leave them all dirty or chipped up after a remodeling, they'll notice. The TubWrap™ line of bathtub surface protection products gives you the best performance in the industry today. These tub coverings were created by Ray Blake of Blake Products and Surface Protection to reduce clean-up costs, prevent damage and improve a contractor's image among customers. Get your Blake Products TubWrap from Spycor Environmental and make bathtubs happy.

Custom Tub Surface Protection

We carry nearly a dozen models of TubWrap bathroom protection systems. There are bath surface coverings for soaker bathtubs, standard 5-foot bathtubs and large free-standing bathtubs. You can get a simple covering that goes over the top of the tub or a TubWrap with an apron around the sides to completely enclose the tub or shower stall. If it doesn't quite match the bathroom, you can use a utility knife to trim it down. Each covering is a Green building product that is fully reusable and recyclable.

Stand Up for Tub Coverings

While they may be brown in color, the TubWrap is no ordinary cardboard box. They easily protect tubs from dirt, scratches, chips, paint overspray, dents and other potential damage from construction and renovation. They also prevent you from using the tub to let trash pile-up. And this bathtub surface covering also doubles as a working platform! The TubWrap is certified to hold up to 1,237 pounds, meaning you can stand on it with all your tools as you work on a showerhead, ceiling light or window.

Affordable Bathroom Solutions

Build up your reputation and your bottom line by taking care of bathroom work sites with TubWrap coverings. Review our full selection below to see what sizes and shapes we offer so your order the best fit for your upcoming projects. You can also call or email the Spycor Environmental customer service team 24/7 with all your questions.

***Product cannot be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska

Product CodeNamePriceQty
Product Code:TSS6436TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection fits 64" X 36" Surround for Bathtubs or Shower Stalls (only for wall prot.)Price:$16.31
Product Code:TW5428TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 54" X 28" Fiberglass/Acrylic 54" X 28"Price:$44.95
Product Code:TW5629TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 56" X 29" Steel/Fiberglass/AcrylicPrice:$44.95
Product Code:TW5742TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 57" X 42" Garden Tub/Large BathPrice:$64.95
Product Code:TW5742ATubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 57" X 42" Garden Tub/Large Bath w/ front apron coveragePrice:$64.95
Product Code:TW6060TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 60" X 60" Corner Unit (Actual 56.5” x 57”)Price:$64.95
Product Code:TW7036TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 70" X 36" Garden Tub/Large BathPrice:$64.95
Product Code:TW7143TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 71.5"X43.5"Garden Tub/Large BathPrice:$64.95
Product Code:TWP4530TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 45" X 30" Fiberglass/Acrylic Shower PanPrice:$35.95
Product Code:TWP5629TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 56" X 29" Fiberglass/Acrylic Shower PanPrice:$44.95
Product Code:TW5731ATubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 57"X31" Tub Protection w/ ApronPrice:$44.95
Product Code:TWP47.536TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection Tub ProtectionPrice:$44.95
Product Code:TW54.526A20TubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 54.5” x 26” with a 20” apronPrice:$44.95
Product Code:TW5629ATubWrap™ Bathtub Protection 56" X 29" with 16” apronPrice:$44.95
Product Code:TW56.529A17TubWrap™ 56.5" x 29" with 17" apron BTS6030A CommonPrice:$44.95
Product Code:TW6032-2TubWrap™ 60" x 32" Kohler K1130Price:$44.95
Product Code:TW6030TubWrap™ 60" x 30" Kohler K1121Price:$44.95


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