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Zip-Up 2 Sided Containment Tape 2" X 60' Roll

2 Sided Containment Tape 2" X 60' Roll (Case 24)

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Product Code: CT260-Case
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(24) Rolls 2 Sided Containment Tape 2" X 60' Roll


Containment Tape is a double sided self adhesive tape developed specifically for holding poly sheeting against walls, doorways, window frames and other painted surfaces without leaving adhesive residue or lifting paint. One side is blue UV resistant masking tape that sticks to painted surfaces or windows without leaving residue or peeling off paint. The other side is duct tape with an aggressive high tack adhesive for holding poly sheeting in place when making a containment area.

  1. Tape is placed around top, left, right, and bottom of door to be sealed.
  2. Peel off white backing liner.
  3. Adhere poly sheeting to exposed tape.
  4. Bottom view.
  5. Apply entrance and exit opening.
  6. After work is completed, peel-off the poly sheeting and tape.
The tape applied against the painted surface is removed without damaging the surface, for a clean, damage free removal.The tape is applied with the blue side against the painted surface, the white liner is then removed exposing the duct tape adhesive. Duct tape alone is suitable for holding poly sheeting in place, but is too aggressive for painted surfaces or windows. The result being costly spackle and repainting on walls and ceilings or scraping adhesive off window panes. Although a good solution for protecting painted surfaces and windows, blue masking tape is not sticky enough to hold poly sheeting in place. Containment tape is the ideal solution by combining the best characteristics of each of these two tapes.


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