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Moisture management is critical in preventing structural damage, whether it's for a private residence, commercial building or institutional facility. At Spycor, we carry a wide range of residential and commercial building moisture-management products, from barriers and waterproofing membranes to copper flashing and flashing panels.

Waterproofing and Drainage

Products for waterproofing include self-adhering membranes with rubberized asphalt and high-density polyethylene film and barriers for building footings that protect the basement from deterioration and mold growth. We also have polyvinyl chloride sheeting that can be bent without cracking or flaking. For proper drainage, there are polypropylene cell vents, weep tubes and mortar deflection devices that exceed industry standards.

Drainage Accessories

Polymeric corner accessories keep corners water and air tight when installing air and water-resistive barrier systems. Special screw fasteners can be used to secure drainboards to perimeter insulating boards. You'll find these and other products such as caulking, flashing strips, foundation wall fasteners and installation kits that are part of the Dörken DELTA® moisture barrier system.

Copper Flashing and Flashing Panels

We offer a wide range of flashing products, such as copper flashing and Quickflash flashing panels. There's copper fabric flashing, copper sheet and fiberglass flashing (both made with non-asphaltic adhesive) and copper laminated deck flashing and termite seal. Browse our Quickflash electrical flashing panels, plumbing flashing panels and specialty/HVAC flashing panels. Electrical flashing panels are available in several models, including single gang box, 3/0 box, 4/0 box, pancake 4/0 box, 4/0 steel box and low voltage. There are flashing panels for plumbing, gas and HVAC as well as A/C line set flashing panels.

The Spycor Difference

With more than 10 years of experience serving residential and commercial customers, we're committed to providing high performance products and exceptional service. Our manufacturing partners are the most well-respected and technologically advanced in the industry.