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Cam Lock Assembly by Edge-Guard

Cam Lock Assembly

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Product Code: EG3002
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
The Panel Camlock Fastening Assembly has been custom engineered exclusively for use with the EDGE Guard Dust Free Barrier System.

Camlocks are used on our Adjustable and Non- Adjustable Enclosure Systems.

Edge-Guard camlocks consist of an aluminum body with at radial slot that is not concentric to its pivot point. The farther you push, the tighter it squeezes the panels together. We implement thumb screws and t- nuts to make the installation very simple without the use of tools. The picture above shows how we machine slots into the extruded panel frames to allow for a quick installation of the camlock assembly.

Camlocks are included with all of our Panel Assemblies or may be purchased separately


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