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Air Movers

Surface Air Movers

Good airflow will help any room or structure dry out quicker - and the faster it dries, the sooner it is safe to use. If you're repairing water and flood damage or just want the floor in your commercial building to dry faster after scrubbing, a pneumatic air mover can help. Our air blowers provide high-velocity airflow for floors, walls, ceilings and stairways and any other surface that is wet. This additional air speeds up water restoration and carpet or floor drying so you can get to the next stage of the project. Even if you don't have damp structures, an air mover also assists with general air circulation, ventilation and other air purification needs.
High-Quality Air Blower Units

We have an assortment of air movers from leading manufacturers to improve airflow for structural drying and circulation. Centrifugal air movers, also known as turbo dryers, offer focused airflow for when you need to speed-dry floors and carpets. Low-profile snail shell air movers offer similar performance in a compact design for easier transport and storage. If sheer volume is what you're looking for, a Dryvex axial air fan will move thousands of cubic feet per minute indoors or outdoors. There are also down-draft air movers that direct air across a floor or carpet in a 360-degree pattern to dry it all at once instead of in sections.

Dry Out Fast

Turning up the heat alone won't be enough to dry a surface quickly - especially in enclosed spaces. Air moving machines from Spycor Environmental will carry moisture away so you're left with a dry area for construction, maintenance, repair or habitation. These blowers are efficiently designed so they move more air while using less electricity to save you money. In addition, they are chemical resistant for use in hospitals and laboratories. We keep prices lower than our competitors while offering superior tech support and service to help you find the right air moving products for less.