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12 x 24 x 12 MERV 14 High Capacity - Header Frame

12 x 24 x 12 MERV 14 High Capacity - Header Frame

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Product Code: ZPS12241295HOHC
UPC Code: ZPS12241295HOHC
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Glasfloss Z-Pak HC rigid cell filters are designed for high efficiency applications and incorporate two individual filtration media layers that provide very low pressure drop and superior service life. The Z-Pak HC's total rigid construction makes it ideal for variable air volume sys- tems (VAV), where changes in air flow can have an adverse effect on non-rigid type filters. Z-Pak HC filters are designed to handle high airflow and are available in MERV 14 performance.

The Glasfloss Z-Pak HC Series frame shall be a rigid construction of 26 gauge galvanized steel. A heavy gauge galvanized steel header is optional for the Z-Pak HC Series. The two distinct filtration media layers shall be a high density synthetic fiber blend. The filter media pack shall be constructed by pleating continuous sheets of media into uniform spaced pleats, which are separated and secured by flame retardant, injection molded plastic media separators. Heavy duty expanded metal shall be bonded and secured between the two layers of media. The heavy duty expanded metal shall be galvanized to resist rust and corrosion. The air entry and air exit side shall be fitted with two 26 gauge support struts. The pleated media ends are sealed and secured to the top and bottom of the metal frame to prevent air bypass. Gasket material, 3/4" in width and 1/4" in thickness, is optional. Glasfloss Z-Pak HC series filters shall be rated to with- stand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Glas- floss Z-Pak HC filters shall be Classified under U.L. std. 900.
The frame shall be made of a 18-gauge galvanized metal. The media shall be constructed of a water-re-sistant, inorganic glass microfiber. For quality assur- ance, the glass microfiber media rolls are randomly tested and certified to meet minimum efficiency re- quirements by the media manufacturer. The media pack shall consist of a continuous sheet of the pleated glass microfiber. The pleated media pack is separated with multiple rolled-edge corrugated aluminum sep- < arators. The media cartridge shall be sealed with a fire-retarding, rubber base, two-part sealant that bondsThe Glasfloss Magna Series HEPA grade air filters are designed for high-efficiency commercial and industrial applications. 1000 Series - 99.97%, 1100 Series - 99.99% and 1200 Series - 99.999%, all based on a .30 micron particle. Glasfloss Magna filters are produced in a wide range of sizes, frame types and header combinations and are ideal for converting or upgrading existing systems. As an option, Glasfloss High-Capacity Magna filter models are also available for higher ve- locity applications and incorporate more media area for lower resist- ance. > GALVANIZED METAL FRAME SEALANTTWO PART the media and separators to the interior of the frame. A 1/4” thick closed cell neoprene gasket shall be ap- plied on the filter. The filter shall be rated to with-SPECIFICATIONSALUMINUM SEPARATORS GASKETING MEDIAGlasfloss has a policy of uninterrupted research, development and product improvement and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice. www.glasfloss.com · (214) 741-7056 PRODUCT BULLETIN 10B-2 • SECTION 10 • 11-1-19ostand temperatures at a continuous 180 Fahrenheit.MICROFIBERThe 95% (MERV 16), 99.97%, 99.99% and 99.999% Magna filters shall be Classified under U. L. Std. 900


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