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Residential Building Wall Rainscreens

Protect your home's outer walls from leaks, mold, erosion, rot and other damage with our rainscreen systems. No building wall is waterproof, which means a good shield is essential for preventing excessive moisture and build-up. An above grade rainscreen is an innovative siding protection solution. This system provides a strong barrier against water while also creating an airspace gap between the barrier and the wall that allows for proper drainage and ventilation. This keeps both the exterior and interior wall dry so they remain structurally sound. Shop at Spycor Environmental and Spycor Building Products to find rainscreen technology for new residential buildings or remodeling.

Rain Barriers for All Wall Types

We offer multiple rainscreen wall systems for different building types and installation methods. Both Mortairvent rainscreens by Advanced Building Products and DELTA®-DRY screens by Dorken Systems form impermeable blockades against rainwater or snow run-off. These systems can be used on siding made of wood, stucco, stone veneer, vinyl and many other materials that would otherwise absorb water. Not only do they create an effective drainage cavity, but they also equalize the air pressure in the cavity. This improves airflow and makes it harder for moisture to be drawn in. Features such as integrated insect screens and a Class A fire rating provide additional protection. Some rainscreens are also made partially from recycled materials so you will qualify for LEED credits as a green building.

Innovative Rainscreen Solutions

No matter how big or small your home is, Spycor Environmental can help keep the walls dry. We sell single rainscreen rolls as well as skids of 18-24 rolls for contractors. Affordable prices and free shipping on most orders make these rainscreens a cost-effective way to protect against water damage and deterioration. Send us an email or visit our Help page for more information on how this wall ventilation system can extend the life of your home.